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Why Are You A Hillside School Tour Guide?

Why are you a Hillside School tour guide? What do you believe in so strongly/what’s so great about Hillside School that motivates to share it with prospective students? I became a tour guide at the end of sixth grade and have been giving tours at Hillside for almost four years. I enjoy meeting new people […]

A School Expert’s Review of Hillside School

Hillside School exceeded my expectations in every way beginning with its lovely, rural setting, amazingly not far from Rte 495 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The boys were lovely and adorable. Hillside boys learn how to be successful and independent. They make friends; they mature; they become responsible, kind, respectful, and confident to go out and face […]

Tilton School Students Help Veterans Make Ornaments for National Christmas Tree Display

Tilton School students – many as part of regular visits to the New Hampshire Veterans Home – recently spent time working with veterans to make ornaments destined for the National Christmas Tree display in Washington, D.C. “The experience is just naturally beneficial for all of us,” commented Julie Caldwell, Tilton’s community service director. Veterans and students […]

Andover Movie Makers Pump Up Fans

A little fun from the student video and athletic front this afternoon. The Andover Movie Makers Club posted “Andover/Exeter 2014” a few days ago in preparation for upcoming games with Exeter. It’s a really nice riff on the ‘pump up’ or ‘team motivational’ genre of videos that a lot of intercollegiate athletic departments produce. The […]

Boarding School Classrooms: Benefits of Small Frequent Quizzes

Another topic from an article that’s been on my desk for a while (and that I wrote about just about a year ago) – more evidence shows that that regular/frequent tests and quizzes work as learning tools and I think the boarding school classroom is well suited to them. How often is your student taking […]

Boarding Schools that Work: Work Programs Help the Family Business Thrive

How do family businesses survive? Statistics show that only 30% of family businesses make it to generation two and a mere 3% still generate profits in generation three. The adage, Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations describes the failure of family operated businesses by the time grandchildren take over. Some of the issues evident in […]

A School Expert’s Review of Mercersburg Academy

Mercersburg Academy wraps their arms around you and welcomes all students! Mercersburg is a great balance of academic and athletic rigor bound by a supportive community. I was struck by the inclusive community and a student body that is fearlessly protective of the school. Students are not boxed in. They grow out of their community […]

Doing School Work by Hand Help Students Remember Better

I just finished a full summer term working at Wolfeboro (summer boarding school) — back on the school side of the boarding school equation. Watching students work by hand — manually and methodically — brings me to think about a couple of articles on the subject of doing things by hand that I’ve kept on […]

Orme School Community Garden an Approved Food Source

The Arizona Department of Health Services has certified Orme School’s Community Garden as an Approved Food Source. Orme’s Community Garden — part of the school’s Garden to Table initiative — grows out of Orme’s commitment to stewardship of all natural and economic resources, now and for generations to come. Post by Orme School. To earn the Approved […]

The Webb Schools Offer New Summer Programs in Paleontology and Global Leadership

Taking advantage of the on-campus Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology, The Webb School will offer a 10-day Junior Paleontology Program. While in residence on campus, rising 7th and 8th grade students, will practice hands-on techniques prospecting for fossils, researching in the field and in labs, visiting Los Angeles museums and learning to apply 3-D […]

South Kent and Hotchkiss: Boys Education Comes Into Focus

I’ve written before about the question posed by one of my colleagues — the father of two boys — 25+ years ago when girls education and achievement was on the front burner, on high heat. He asked (paraphrased), “Has, or is, anyone considering, what our full, almost exclusive attention to helping girls close the achievement […]

Woodside Priory’s Zoey Lin: young filmmaker

Here’s a story about Woodside Priory student Zoey Lin who spent her 2013 spring break shooting a short movie “that she helped write, cast and fund.” A modern adaptation of the namesake legend, Lin’s “Butterfly Lovers” tells the story of star crossed lovers who live eternally after their deaths. “Butterfly Lovers” premiered this past June […]

Ken Burns Greenwood School Gettysburg Address Premiers April 15, 2014

A whirlwind of activity surrounds The Greenwood School and the premier of Ken Burns’ latest PBS documentary, The Address tonight at 9PM EDT on PBS. Regular readers know that Burns spent time on the Greenwood campus — just over a year ago — following the boys through their rite of passage that requires each boy […]

Hotchkiss Film Festival 2014: Opportunity for High School Filmmakers

Hotchkiss Film Festival 2014 is the third year of the festival dedicated exclusively to high school filmmakers. This year’s Festival is scheduled for Friday evening May 16th, 2014. Past Festival events and entries are on the website. A short film competition, “The Film Festival Competition is open to all high school students who currently represent […]

Boarding School Winter Olympians: #Sochi2014

With the 2014 winter Olympic games open in Sochi, it’s time for my quick list of boarding school alumni participating in the games. It’s always head shaking to see the talent and variety of events in which the boarding school alumni compete. Most fun, of course, is the fact that many learned, competed in and honed their […]

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