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Battling Summer Sloths: Cool Camp Options for Kids!

As the second half of the school year winds down, many adolescents are envisioning what their summer will consist of: Wii marathons, iCarly reruns, and trips to the mall.   If this doesn’t sound like the ideal way for your child to spend their two and a half months of freedom, then now is a great […]

An American Family Discovers a Canadian Boarding School: A conversation with a Ridley College parent

A Ridley College parent shares how her family discovered this boarding school in Canada and why they selected Ridley over options in New England & New York.

Don’t Fear the SSAT Reading Comprehension Section

Who says you have to hang on to every word of an SSAT reading comprehension passage and agonize over that early passage that has you stumped? Not Grant Handa. Skip it. Move on to a passage you understand.

A Boarding School Learning Skills Program Celebrates a New Home

Kents Hill School has been on the fore of learning differences programs having had a program for 32 years. The Akin Learning Center represents the latest step in the center’s journey from living room, to library, to dedicated, purpose built facility.

New ADHD Guidelines Include Children as Young as 4, As Old As 18

Released this past Sunday, the American Academy of Pediatrics “has expanded the age range for the diagnosis and treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to children as young as 4 and as old as 18.”(HD) “…’ADHD is a chronic condition. We can provide symptomatic treatment, but it doesn’t cure the condition. Treatment has to be […]

An Educational Consultant’s Notes on St. George’s School

Two notes before talking about my visit to St. George’s School– the first- a note of full disclosure- St. George’s is not new to me. My daughter graduated in 1988. The second, an acknowledgment of the shool’s physical setting and beauty- the campus is one of the most beautiful locations for a boarding school imaginable. […]

An Educational Consultant’s Notes on The Williston Northampton School

I was very impressed with The Williston Northampton School (a co-ed boarding & day school in Easthampton, MA). Students were happy, engaged and eager to tell me what they like about Williston and why they chose it over other schools. I felt an energy everywhere, with everyone, I saw and met on campus from, staff, faculty […]

Skepticism Over College Rankings Applies Equally to Private School Rankings

Over on the Independent Educational Consulting Blog, Dodge Johnson, IECA president, offers his preemptive salvo on the coming U.S. News annual college rankings. Suffice to say, he’s skeptical; not a fan; and his piece can serve a foundation on why it’s important to approach many types of rankings with a healthy dose of skepticism. Dodge’s […]

A Good Friend Offers A+ Advice for Cutting the Cost of College

Christine Chapman’s of Starr & Chapman Educational Consulting is the subject of an AOL Original interview exploring ways to reduce the cost of college- “Six Tips for Cutting the Cost of a College Education.” The quick interview draws on Chapman’s experience as new parent facing the cost of saving large sums in her family’s effort […]

It’s Never Too Late to Apply to Boarding School

Our new free ebook, Applying to Private School After the Deadline, is now available! You think you’re too late to apply to a boarding school in July. You’re wrong. You can still apply. Applying late, or, coming to the admission process late, doesn’t mean “don’t apply.” It simply requires some different thinking and processes a […]

Considering a Junior Boarding School for Your Child?

Yesterday, a mom called the office asking about junior boarding schools in the south- a quick straightforward question that quickly grew from the practical to philosophical. The family was new to the notion of boarding school and, within that, working to come to terms with an eighth grade daughter who might be best served in […]

“I was waitlisted at my first choice school, how can I get off the waitlist?”

There’s no guarantee that a private school will have an opening and move to accept you from their waiting list. We suggest some basic waiting list strategies.

SSAT & ISEE Study Tips: Verbal Section and Essay Writing

Editor’s note: Building on Aristotle Circle’s first post that looks at the SSAT & ISEE and their math sections, this second entry offers test prep advice for each exam’s verbal essay writing sections. Preparing for the verbal section The verbal section of both tests relies heavily on a strong grasp of vocabulary. This means understanding […]

An Intro to the SSAT & the ISEE

Editor’s note: Testing is one of the realities of private school admission. Parents and students labor and pour over the tests, test preparation and divine clues about what roles test scores play in each school’s admission decision. Our colleagues at Aristotle Circle are kindly sharing their expertise in private school admission tests through a two […]

A Military School Primer for Parents

Editor’s Note: This post was recently published by Kristin Dooley of Estrella Consulting, an educational consulting firm that works with students & parents to find the best educational fit. She writes regularly on boarding school & college admission on her blog, Dooley Noted. This post ran on 2/21/11. We appreciate that she shared her piece with […]

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