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Start Now! Fall 2017 Admission & Financial Aid Deadlines About 90 Days Away

The traditional admission calendar/process is on the clock. It seems like school just started. But, the admission and financial aid application deadlines for fall 2017 are just over 90 days away. If you’re a family applying to boarding school for fall of 2017, it’s time to start your admission process. It’s all about school fit- […]

Looking for a New Private School for the Fall?

School plans change, especially with the end of the academic year. With summer approaching, it can provide the final impetus toward the conclusion that “it’s time to look for a different school.” As a parent, you might seek greater academic challenge, academic support, a particular opportunity, or, program, a learning differences program, or even a […]

Have You Found Yourself Without A Private School Acceptance? Here’s What You Should Do!

Admission decision day doesn’t always yield exactly what every student and family hoped for. If you’ve found yourself without a private school acceptance, you need to assess what happened; perhaps you overreached, or didn’t understand a piece of the private school admission process? I suggest you begin rebuilding your private school admission process and its foundation, […]

A School Expert’s Review of Eagle Hill School

Editor’s note- Marylou spends time each fall visiting boarding school campuses individually and as part of educational consultant group tours. In what’s become an annual series, Marylou shares her thoughts and impressions of each campus and community. This was my second great visit in a year to this wonderful school in Hardwick, MA that “educates […]

Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts of 2014

2015 brings us to an our annual Boarding School blog post review – Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts of 2014. We poured over the numbers to rank our top content over the course of 2014 — from videos to blog posts. We’ll report on the numbers as January progresses. Here’s the countdown. AdmissionsQuest’s “Top […]

Why Are You A Cushing Academy Tour Guide?

Why are you a Cushing Academy tour guide?  What do you believe in so strongly/what’s so great about Cushing Academy that motivates to share it with prospective students? This school [Cushing] has changed my life and I like to proudly tell visitors that come to campus about it and how much I love this school! I have […]

A School Expert’s Review of Putney School

Putney School, Putney, Vermont “Dialogue” plays a huge part in the Putney community. Dialogue is different than conversation, discussion, or debate. Dialogue at Putney means working together. Putney doesn’t want students tuned out or disconnected. Students have to focus intently and practice mindfulness. Putney demands collective responsibility and interdependence. Putney is a simple place that […]

A School Expert’s Review of Vermont Academy

Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, Vermont Vermont Academy’s primary goals are to shape character and values in its students. A traditional boarding school, VA encourages students to be active and responsible participants in their own learning. VA teaches students to focus on his/her learning development, and well being. Tour guide quote of the visit: “VA is […]

A School Expert’s Review of Dublin School

Dublin School Dublin, New Hampshire. What sets Dublin apart from the other boarding schools is its intentionally small size. Dublin’s small community equals growth and discovery for it’s students. The right mix of students and faculty give this campus an energy and sense of support that can only happen in a small school. Tour Guide […]

Marylou Marcus Visits: Putney School, Winchendon School, Dublin School, and Vermont Academy

This is the set-up to a series of my recent visits to Putney School, Winchendon School, Dublin School and Vermont Academy. Over the next few days, I’ll share with you the things that struck me most about each campus This year, I’ve new added angle to my campus visits. I asked tour guides at each […]

An Educational Consultant’s Review of Asheville School

Respect, Honor, Belonging, Character, Vision, and Community, these words characterized my visit to Asheville School (a coed boarding school in Asheville, NC).

An Educational Consultant’s Impressions of Hawaii Preparatory Academy

Hawaii Preparatory Academy is a school more tied and connected to its surroundings than any I’ve ever seen. The islands and the school’s location is one of the most spectacular spots on earth.

International Student Agents: A crazy dynamic

Agents and their role in the recruitment of international students- especially Chinese students- has reached a near fever pitch with the over use of agents on one side of the scale and the denouncement of any use of agents on the other side. As usual the effective reality is somewhere in between.

Tour D’Admission In It’s Eleventh Year

What’s the Tour D’Admission you ask? It’s an annual bike tour of colleges undertaken by high school guidance counselors and educational consultants. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Oh the Places You Will Go! Gap Year Options for Teens

While crossing the stage at high school graduation, fear fills the minds of the parting seniors.  A chorus of “don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip” is paired with “please don’t let my father yell ‘That’s My Boy!’”. As if these thoughts weren’t enough to encompass all that is going through the heads of these newly-minted […]

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