Think About Your School: #GivingTuesday 11/29/2016

| November 29, 2016

[caption id="attachment_12506" align="aligncenter" width="598"] Trinity-Pawning School: Giving Tuesday 2016[/caption]

Today is great day to think about giving back to your school. I received my Giving Tuesday reminder from my alma mater (Trinity-Pawling) this morning.

At many schools, the annual fund plays a large role in budgeting- making everything from activities, and special events, to financial aid possible. If you're a parent, or alumnus, you know how important these things are.

I've a seen few common reminders of what our giving supports:

- Hiring and retaining great faculty and staff
- Financial aid
- Facilities operation and maintenance
- Special events and activities

These are things that set the boarding experience apart.

Think of the faculty members and small details, that, as an alumnus, made your boarding school experience special, and/or, as a parent, makes your child's boarding school experience better. These are things that require our support.

Your gift needn't be large. Everything helps. A small gift can be a start. Most importantly every gift- no matter the size- demonstrates your support for the lasting effects and importance of your school's experiences in, and out of, the classroom.

Look for an email or visit your school's website and support your school today.