A School Expert’s Review of Fessenden School

Fessenden School iLab

Fessenden School iLab

Accepting, considerate, compassionate, cooperative, dedicated, determined, energetic, enthusiastic, fun-loving, intellectual, open, organized, self-confident, supportive, unique are just a few adjectives that come to mind after my visit to Fessenden School.

I loved my Fessenden visit. Every room, corner, program, and class made me smile and want to jump in and be a part of this wonderful school setting.

As a boys middle school, Fessenden’s programs, and design, focus on the experiences middle school need to grow. Fessenden is home away from home for its boys. There is strong sense of community full of nurturing friendships and action packed weekends.

Academics are challenging and interesting. The boys work hard and are proud of their school in so many respects- from academics, athletics, community, and their personal achievements- in areas as varied as volunteering in the library to the soccer field. Fessenden’s facilities are outstanding and include two new turf fields.

Fessenden’s iLab is a space for each boy’s imagination to shape and mold in a hands-on class that is amazing. I watched the boys have so much fun while being engaged and on task. I watched a group of boys turn an iLab lesson into a group learning experience with one group working, and three other boys following along.

I have one student attending and I hope to have many more. Congratulations to a very dedicated administration, faculty, and staff and to the parents who have sent their sons. You absolutely get how education should be taught to young boys.

Marylou Marcus

Marylou Marcus draws on 25+ years as an independent school educator & Director of Admission & Financial Aid when working with a family to find the best private school fit for their child. Contact Marylou for help in your search for the right prep school or visit www.AQeducationalconsulting.com to learn more about her work with families.

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