A School Expert’s Review of Eagle Hill School

| December 07, 2015

Editor's note- Marylou spends time each fall visiting boarding school campuses individually and as part of educational consultant group tours. In what's become an annual series, Marylou shares her thoughts and impressions of each campus and community.

This was my second great visit in a year to this wonderful school in Hardwick, MA that "educates students identified with learning (dis)abilities."

Eagle Hill faculty and students practice what they preach.

Eagle Hill has two big changes in the works. The school will begin an IB program in 2017. Eagle Hill Headmaster, Peter McDonald is also working on raising the endowment.
“They won’t let you quit - you belong here! Love this school can’t imagine being anywhere else,” Eagle Hill Student.
I can report that Eagle Hill students are happy, well connected, and engaged. There’s a strong community and bond between students and teachers. The faculty are very supportive of their students. Students and faculty love the school. Campus is absolutely beautiful, and all facilities are top notch.