Documenting the PG Year through A Family’s Lens

“Bridging the Gap” will be multi-year video project between Bridgton Academy and the Wilkins family- Scott- dad, Janine- mom, and Cam- Bridgton postgraduate student through which the Wilkins will document Cam, and the family’s high school-to postgraduate year process from start to finish.

Chris Webb, Bridgton admission director tells me “It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for years.”

From a personal, boarding school experience, perspective, I give high marks to Chris and Bridgton for endeavoring to tell the unreconstructed story, trials, tribulations, and all. Growing up isn’t always smooth and realizing you need extra academic work or extra time and experience to mature isn’t and easy thing to accept, much less plan, and act upon as teenager graduating from high school.

Cam and his parents explain how they came to Bridgton:

As I say in A Post Graduate Year; What’s That? “No one begins kindergarten saying ‘I’m going to move through primary and secondary school; then, I’m going to do a post-graduate year before I go to college.’ Reasons and motivations for post-graduate experiences vary as much as the students themselves.”

Cam and Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins were certainly no exceptions to this. All assumed Cam would finish high school and head directly to college.

But, as Cam swam deeper into the college admission process, he, and his parents, realized that Cam might not have college options and opportunities that they all wanted and that, some kind of experience, or program, not college yet, might help Cam build a firmer academic foundation and open some collegiate doors and opportunities that weren’t opening for Cam straight out of high school.

The Wilkins found Bridgton and Bridgton found them. Cam and Bridgton felt like they were a good fit for each other. Cam applied for admission and financial aid. Cam was accepted. The Wilkins and Bridgton admission director Chris Webb talked about the documentary project…and here we are.

As Bridgton describes it:

“The search for the right academic setting after high school is fraught with questions – is it the right fit? Single-sex v. coed? Is it too far away from home? Is my son really ready for college? Every family wrestles with these questions, and more.

We are excited to tell the story about one of these families – from their perspective. Bridgton Academy presents “Bridging the Gap”, a multi-year project that will cover the journey of one young man who has committed to attending Bridgton Academy – from his decision to consider BA, all the way through his year at there, and even into his first year at college.

Cameron Wilkins is a young man from Norfolk, Massachusetts. He’s a hockey player, a big brother, and a young man on the verge of entering Bridgton Academy. He is willing to tell you his story – the good and the bad – throughout his time at Bridgton Academy, to let people know what it’s like to come here, study here, play here and live here – and his family is going to join us for the ride…”

Cam visits Bridgton:

How the Project Works

Bridgton provided cameras to Cam and Mrs. Wilkins who will share their thoughts on the processes and activities of the school year. The Wilkins send the raw video to Bridgton who edits it into episodes for two week publication intervals.

AdmissionsQuest/my role- I get to follow and share the project’s backstory- checking in with the Wilkins and admission director Webb to see how the project is going and what everyone learns along the way.

Brian Fisher

A product of both private and public education, Brian Fisher served as a teacher, coach, dorm parent, and administrator at three different boarding schools. Brian also fills the role of Director of Development at Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School, in NH along with being a partner at AdmissionsQuest.

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