Learn Why One Boarding School Starts the Year with “College Boot Camp”

Darlington School seniors start the school year with College Boot Camp.

| August 25, 2015

One of the strongest selling points of many boarding schools is the strength, and thoroughness, of their college search and admission processes.

Darlington School demonstrates its commitment to the college search process on the opening day of school each year by hosting a mandatory full-day “College Boot Camp” for its seniors.

“We do College Boot Camp on the first day of school to relieve stress early on before the students get too busy in the fall...Having these admissions representatives spend an entire day with our students is huge...” explains Sam Moss (’63) Darlington’s, dean of college guidance.

Boarding school college admission counselors tend to work with fewer students than their public school counterparts.

They know their students well; write knowledgeably about their students; and, they operate from the same perspective that their counterparts in admission down the hall.

It’s all about school fit; not prestige.

The goal is to find the best college for each particular student.

Boarding school college placement officers look to find colleges and universities that will grow a particular student most effectively during their time at the school.

To these ends, Darlington draws on regional resources that, this year, included collegiate admission officers from Auburn University, Emory University, Southern Methodist University, Spelman College and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Sessions covered topics such as financial aid, athletic recruiting, essay writing for International/ESL students, and interviewing tips.

Darlington urges rising seniors to complete a practice college application and essay during the summer in preparation for the first day Boot Camp.