Does Your School Raise Money to Support Financial Aid?

| April 24, 2015

Post financial crisis, and in the face of continuing tuition increases, does your school raise money to support financial aid?

I'm interested in looking at this question with an article.

In my younger days, when I worked exclusively on the school side of the admission and fundraising worlds, I asked our development and admission directors:

"Do we ever raise money to support financial and affordability for families?"

I still am taken aback by the quick simplicity of their answer; 'no.'

I persisted, "Why not? We keep getting more expensive, and it keeps getting more difficult for families to choose us."

Our directors again, "raising money for financial aid isn't sexy."

Supporting financial aid doesn't build a build a building, or a field that can be named and shown off. It doesn't create and object that can be shined and talked about.

But, supporting financial aid does create and open opportunity — far quieter and less materially oriented than donating to gain the naming rights to the new synthetic turf field.

I argue that the opportunity afforded by financial aid provides a far greater benefit to the long term health and prosperity of private schools.

Does your school raise money to support financial aid? Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.