Largest Gift in Dunn School History Goes Toward African Student Aid

| May 15, 2014

A $2 million gift from Wendy and Barry Roland (grandparents of alumni Kelsey ‘06 and Sara ‘09 Sullivan) to Dunn School confirms the strength and global reach of American boarding schools.

[caption id="attachment_10134" align="alignnone" width="600"] Barry and Wendy Rowland, grandparents Dunn alumnae Kelsey ‘06 and Sara ‘09 Sullivan. (Dunn School photo)[/caption]

The Roland's gift is the first international student only — in this case African students — that I know of.

The gift resulted from a case made by granddaughter and Dunn alumna Kelsey ‘06.

“Our granddaughter Kelsey gave us a PowerPoint on students from Africa while she was still in college. We decided we’d be very happy to support their education here at Dunn,” Wendy Rowland explained.

Historically, financial aid at most all boarding schools has been awarded only to U.S. domestic students and families. But, as boarding schools began drawing students globally, financial aid, too, has begun to change. The Roland's gift reflects Dunn's — and many boarding schools' — global market and attraction.

“What better model for living could we offer to our students? They have a passion for helping deserving students through education," noted Dunn’s head of school, Mike Beck.