Woodside Priory’s Zoey Lin: young filmmaker

| April 18, 2014

Here's a story about Woodside Priory student Zoey Lin who spent her 2013 spring break shooting a short movie "that she helped write, cast and fund."

A modern adaptation of the namesake legend, Lin's "Butterfly Lovers" tells the story of star crossed lovers who live eternally after their deaths.

"Butterfly Lovers" premiered this past June and will be released by (China's YouTube) online.

Emma Marsano, writing for The Almanac describes it: "In Zoey's film, the young lovers of the original legend share screen-time with present-day versions of themselves; they are given the chance to start over together in modern times. Zoey's aim was to explore the idea that "whatever you did in the past affects your position in the future as well," and to demonstrate that in this day and age, we all have the freedom to resist societal pressure to conform."

Production succeed in a pressurized pressurized production setting- having to raise money, plan/schedule production, and negotiate a"with the local government of the city of Hangzhou for the chance to film scenes inside of the Hu Xueyan mansion, a residence that was commissioned in 1872 by one of the wealthiest businessmen of the Qing Dynasty."

This drive an opportunity is exactly what brought Lin to Woodside Priory. Feeling her creative drive stiffled by the preparation needed for the standardized tests that were shaping her Hong Kong education, Lin applied to Woodside Priory in search creative opportunity.

Lin Hopes to turn "Butterfly Lovers" into a full-length feature.