Boarding School is More Than Tuition: The Most Useless List of Private Schools

It’s back.

wastebasketEating my breakfast this morning I noticed that The Huffington Post is running a piece titled “The Nation’s Most Expensive Private High Schools.”

This year HP borrowed the list from Business Insider, “The 50 Most Expensive Private High Schools In America.”

This is the second year (that I know of) for this attention grabbing stunt; Huff Po’s title for last year’s piece “10 Of The Most Expensive Schools In The World.”


These types of lists are shallow, blunt, un-nuanced, and about as void of understanding as can be.

Hell, I know why.

Like reading a gossip rag, it’s fun to see how expensive boarding schools are.

There’s no need to hide the fact that private school is expensive. But lists like these exist without rhyme, reason, or thought- beyond “let’s gawk at the high prices.”

No nuance. No understanding of why any of these schools might work well for a given student/family. No mention of financial aid.

There’s just little good about it.

Read for yourself.

Brian Fisher

A product of both private and public education, Brian Fisher served as a teacher, coach, dorm parent, and administrator at three different boarding schools. Brian also fills the role of Director of Development at Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School, in NH along with being a partner at AdmissionsQuest.

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