Affection and Appreciation: Wasatch Academy Students Tell Their Stories

walking journey wasatch academyWasatch Academy has started an interesting project for 2013-204 titled “The Wastach Academy Journey.”

Featuring student voices and writing, the installment series will offer pieces throughout the year with students reflecting on their journeys to Wasatch and the affects of Wasatch on their lives.

The first chapter includes pieces from Malian students — Nouman Kante and Kadi Samake. You can’t buy their warmth and heartfelt appreciation.┬áKadi and Nouman write respectively:

“…I want to thank everyone who helped change my life at Wasatch Academy. You gave me opportunities I would never have dreamed of…”


“…I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love this school with all of my heart. I have experienced things that I only could have dreamed of if I had not attended Wasatch Academy. It has given me hope that I can make it and be successful as long as I work hard. I know that I can speak for a lot of students in saying that Wasatch has taught them many academic and life lessons. I have make lifelong friends from people all over the world. Anybody who takes the time to realize the beauty of this place knows that Wasatch is the place to be, and the best school in the world. I love Wasatch Academy!”


“I want to thank everyone who helped change my life at Wasatch Academy. You gave me opportunities I would never have dreamed of.”

No better or more powerful stories can be told of the boarding school experience that students and alumni showing why their schools mean so much to them.

  • Josh Loftin

    Nouman and Kadi are two incredible students. We’re glad to have them, and glad to spotlight the importance of the annual fund in helping them get a quality education. Thanks for posting the links, Brian.

    • Bfisher


      Glad to share the stories. Look forward to the series throughout the year.

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