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Admissions Quest is excited to announce that we’re on Instagram. We want to use the platform as a way to showcase boarding school perspectives visually. You can expect to see behind the scenes photos from our bootcamps, visits to our member schools and insights into life at Admissions Quest. While we’re excited to share our experiences with you, we’re really looking forward to seeing life from your school’s points of view.

My, how times have changed! It used to be that only a handful of schools, mostly universities had a presence on Instagram, the social network known for its filtered photographs and short video vignettes. Now, forty-six of our member schools have Instagram accounts!

Sifting through our photo feed gives us an amazing glimpse into life on a boarding school campus. As we enter the first few weeks of school, we love seeing photos of campus life buzzing — new student orientation, athletic preseasons, and faculty and staff preparations for a new school year. Instagram definitely gives us a front row seat to the action.

Westtown School

McCallie School

The Webb Schools

South Kent School

Catalina School

So please join us on Instagram! We also encourage you to follow other schools as well — not only might it give you a behind the scenes glimpse of life on campus, it might also inspire you to join in on the action.

Marisa Peacock is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and is a social media strategist and marketing consultant for non-profits, independent schools and small businesses in the Washington, D.C. area. Visit to learn more & contact Marisa.

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