Grand River Academy Joins with John Carroll University to Create Aspire Program

| April 25, 2013

[caption id="attachment_8310" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Aspire Program founders, Grand River Academy Headmaster Tim Viands (Left) and John Carroll University Vice President of Enrollment Brian Williams (Right)[/caption]

Grand River Academy and John Carroll University are combining resources to create The Aspire Program. Aspire will allow Grand River’s qualified international students to begin their collegiate careers while at Grand River Academy as well as the opportunity to be admitted to John Carroll at the conclusion of their Grand River/Aspire experience.

GRA international students holding senior or post-graduate standing are eligible for the program. Grand River currently includes about 20 international students in its student body from countries such as China, Rwanda, and Japan.

GRA Headmaster Tim Viands shares, “GRA accepts and enrolls students who have ability, but have not realized their full potential. The Aspire Program furthers GRA’s mission, as our international students have the ability, but have not achieved their goal of attending an American university. This partnership with JCU will enhance our steadfast mission.”

GRA’s upper level math courses will become part of the program with GRA students earning college credit upon successful completion of included courses.

Headmaster Viands sees the GRA-John Carroll partnership as an opportunity for all involved.

“JCU is known for its business, science and humanities schools, as well as its full slate of NCAA Division 3 athletic teams. Our conversations with Mr. Eric Patterson, JCU Director of Veteran Affairs and International Services, and Mr. Brian Williams, Vice President of Enrollment, have been enlightening. We are honored to work with John Carroll University for the advancement of international students, academically and socially,” Viands remarked.