Asheville Releases In-house Built App for iPhone and iPad

| April 25, 2013

Asheville isn’t the first school to release an iPhone/iPad app devoted to covering and following school happenings, "Asheville School App Now Available on App Store."

But, they are the first that I know of- to have built the app in-house.

Asheville Technology Coordinator Charles Long and Director of Communications Bob Williams created the app.

And, it’s very nifty.


I downloaded it and it’s got all kinds of functionality for all parts of the Asheville community, current families, students, prospective families and alumni. The calendar would be huge for me if I were an Asheville community member.

"We really wanted to capture the full Asheville School experience with this app...We wanted parents, prospective families, and our own students to have a reason to install this app on their own devices. We started the app with the virtual tour in mind, but we wanted this app to be used by a lot of people, and so we designed it so that everyone who has a connection to Asheville School will want to use it," explained Bob Williams, Director of Communications.

Download the app today and make sure to read the “Meet the Developers” section.