What’s the Best School? The School Your Child Needs

| February 05, 2013

Regular readers, and many for whom we've answered questions over the years, might be able to recite by heart our answer to "what's the best school?"

No single 'best' school exists.

Every student is different in where they stand and to where they hope to grow as they work through school. The best school for any individual student is the school that that can meet that particular student where he/she stands on opening day and, then, grow him/her the furthest during the students time at the school.

That's can be a very different school depending on each student.

In a prize winning essay, Grand River Academy parent Suzanne Rivera captures the differences in schools and students and the importance of school choice. Beyond school choice, Rivera’s essay is really about school fit and finding the school that provides the environment in which your child can best grow.
“School choice is important because all kids are different. A one size fits all approach may be fine for some, but once we realized our son needed a change of environment, we knew the greatest gift we could give him would be a high school that could get him back on track to a bright future. The decision was not easy, but we are so fortunate to have had the option.

Some people might read this and think, ‘I could never send my kid away.’ At one time, we thought so, too. Although we worried we would lose our son by sending him to boarding school, nothing could be further from the truth.”