Top 10 Boarding School Videos of 2012

Video has become an integral part of how many families search for private schools.

Our Top 10 list of Boarding School Videos from 2012 includes student tours as well as practical advice from experts covering admission interviews and financial aid.

1. A Guided Tour of Westminster School
3675 views in 2012

Tour guides Olivia and Cris are at their best capturing and presenting Westminster’s ethos- talking about seniors giving chapel talks, explaining the school’s motto, “Grit & Grace,” and presenting traditions.

2. A Guided Tour of Berkshire School
3100 views in 2012

Thee Berkshire students speak about the boarding school advantages of an engaged and supportive faculty. Chris (PG) appreciates being pushed through the personal nature of the small classes. And in a similar vein, Barrett (day student) speaks about the connection between engaged teachers and intense academics.

3. How to Prepare for Your Private School Interview
3041 views in 2012

Tabor Academy, Director of Admission, Andrew McCain shares thoughts and advice on the private school interview. McCain’s suggestions can be captured in three phrases. Relax. Be yourself. Prepare.

4. A Guided Student Tour of Baylor School
2733 views in 2012

Seniors Tenley and Ryan share Baylor School‘s campus and their student experiences. “It’s a great balance of athletics and academics here at Baylor.”

5. Private School Financial Aid Advice from the Experts!
2598 views in 2012

Next to “which schools should we apply to?” financial aid elicits the most questions in the admission process. While each panel member provides a slightly different take on filing for financial aid a few themes emerge.

6. A Guided Tour of Army and Navy Academy!
2178 views in 2012

Matt, Tyler, and David share their experiences introducing viewers to the academy. Whether it’s academics, residential life or college counseling, two statements (resounding endorsements) from the tour capture the Army and Navy experience:

“The biggest advantage is the support here [Army and Navy]…The teachers here are really dedicated…Some of them almost become second parents to you.”

“[Army and Navy] Helped me to help myself turn around.”

7. A Guided Tour of Northfield Mount Hermon
1916 views in 2012

Former Northfield Mount Hermon admission officer Jesse Bardo takes viewer on a tour of the NMH campus. NMH’s thinking and planning behind their campus reveals how the school builds its policies (and its physical plant) from the ground up- beginning with the question “what is best for our students?”

8. A Guided Tour of Tabor Academy
1378 views in 2012

Debby, a four year Tabor Academy student, paints a picture of what it’s like to attend Tabor and why it has been a great place for her to go to school.

9. A Guided Tour of McCallie School
1308 views in 2012

J.T. and Ned make a strong case for McCallie and as well as the boys school experience in general. Both young men, independently, come to talk about their relationships with faculty and each other- the brotherhood. Don’t miss their observations on small classes (lots of discussion and paper writing), arts opportunities (both young men sing), athletics, the food (“I enjoy it.), and weekends.

10. A Guided Tour of Blair Academy!
1291 views in 2012

Scott ’11 shares his insights and thoughts about the ways that Blair’s strength as a community binds the school and runs through all aspects of a student’s Blair experience. Scott gives an impromptu appreciation of his ninth grade history teacher, Mr. Schmalenberg, who taught him how to research and use the library. For Scott, even as a day student, Blair’s community makes the school.

Brian Fisher

A product of both private and public education, Brian Fisher served as a teacher, coach, dorm parent, and administrator at three different boarding schools. Brian also fills the role of Director of Development at Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School, in NH along with being a partner at AdmissionsQuest.

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