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To Board or not to Board?

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There is a shift in thinking these days.  The stigma is slowly melting away as more and more families become aware of the realities of the education system in their communities.  Savvy students are scanning the horizons for opportunities beyond their school district.  Families are becoming acutely aware of the dropout rate in 1st year university due to unpreparedness for the expectations and demands of the college-level education system.  There is a desire to have a competitive advantage when it comes to education.

There is a marked acceptance of the new paradigm in the conversations I have with families in my Admissions office here at Brentwood College School.  There is a willingness to examine the possibility of investing in their child’s future now rather than saving their educational investment for college, when it well may be too late.  They are thinking that it may be better to build strong foundations now to have a better chance for success in the future; more and more it is this kind of understanding of the realities of education that is driving families to look beyond their traditional comfort zones.

Then it is the students themselves.  Young people are eager to be with others of similar interests and to enjoy a myriad of opportunities and experiences that often lacking within the confines of their particular school district.  Boarding schools are becoming cool; the land of opportunity and promise.

Ultimately boarding has to be right for the entire family.  More often than not, it ends up being the best decision they could ever make.


Clayton Johnston is the Director of Admissions at Brentwood College School in Vancouver Island, BC. He blogs regularly at Brentwood Admissions Blog about his school and about life in the admissions office at Brentwood College School. Visit BCS to learn more:

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