An Educational Consultant’s Review of Asheville School

Respect, Honor, Belonging, Character, Vision, and Community, these words characterized my visit to Asheville School (a coed boarding school in Asheville, NC).

| December 03, 2012

Respect, Honor, Belonging, Character, Vision, and Community, these words characterized my visit to Asheville School (a coed boarding school in Asheville, NC—view school profile).

When I arrived on campus, I spent some time with Arch Montgomery, Head of School and Morgan Scoville, Director of Admission, to learn more about the school and what they offer students in a small co-ed boarding school.

Nestled in unsurpassed physical mountain beauty, Asheville students continue practicing many long-time time traditions- family-style meals, Chapel services, and classroom dress.

Asheville fuses together their gorgeous campus, great athletic facilities, and a core curriculum that features exciting interdisciplinary approaches to create a boarding school experience that is simultaneously traditional and modern.

I sat in on Jay Bonner’s European Studies class where I saw students engage,d and actively participating, around a Harkness table.

Many good questions were being asked as students were preparing for an art exhibit opening in the gallery that night. Each student had their assignment and was eager to get started. Art in European Studies comes about through Asheville's "arts threaded curriculum."

[caption id="attachment_7555" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Jay Bonner, Asheville School[/caption]

The campus has a family-like feel of warmth and community.

Toddy, my tour guide, exemplified Asheville's family style feel. She did a great job explaining academics, athletics, clubs, visual and performing arts. She also explained about weekend activities in which you had many varied choices of activities both on and off campus. She even said the food was good and take out is also great!

Toddy mentioned by living on campus she has been able to make great friendships and Asheville has a great sense of community. It has also given her more self-confidence and the ability to make good decisions as far as class selection and athletics. The teachers really get to know you both in the classroom and on the playing field.

At Asheville, you will find students growing and learning as they benefit from a unique combination traditional experiences and modern curriculum approaches. If you or your student is interested in growing and learning in unique combination of traditions and current academic approaches, Asheville could be a great fit. Check out