A Guided Tour of Midland School

Two Midland School student share their insights and experiences with viewers during this tour of the California (CA) boarding school that they call home.

| October 03, 2012


Midland School (Los Olivos, CA) students Phoebe and Luke share their insights and experiences.

A tight community and interconnectedness run through all of their tour stops.

Academics begin with structured ninth and tenth grade programs that feature two unique Midland courses- Midland 101 and 102. Midland 101 is about connecting to place- covering school history, California history and the land. A camping trip onto and into the land (Midland has a 3000 acre campus) is a course requirement.

Midland 102 focuses on Midland's philosophy and community. Students learn about boarding school and living, working, and sharing together as a community.

The Library serves as Midland's academic hub. Midland academics feature advanced courses and opportunities to pursue individual directions in upper level courses.

Midland students live in cabins located around class quads with dormitory student leadership provided by student prefects.

Phoebe and Luke both appreciate the relationships that come from living and working closely together. Each has learned to find their own space while respecting the space of others.

Athletically, Midland students are required to play two interscholastic sports a year. Strong programs are Cross Country running and Lacrosse.

Phoebe and Luke each feel well prepared to head off to college having benefitted from Midland's academics, having learned how to live and work in a community, and having learned to grab the opportunities before one.