Making Sure A Post Graduate Applicant Fits

Hargrave Military Academy, published an interesting piece in which he shares all the moving parts of the PG admission equation.

| September 19, 2012

Regular readers may know our coverage of the PG year on the blog and in our article, "A Post Graduate Year; What's That?"

Our article covers the family side of a PG year well enough so that several schools have reprinted it for inclusion in their PG admission packages.

However, we've never shined a light on the school side of the PG admission equation- the expertise that that the school uses, the questions a school has to ask a PG and family, the knowledge of NCAA regulations necessary to make a sound PG admission decision, and how this all plays out between prospective school and prospective family.

We may never have covered this angle, but, lucky for us William Wiebking, Director of Communications, Hargrave Military Academy, published an interesting piece in which he shares all the moving parts of the PG admission equation.

He followed a conference call between prospective family, Walter Sullivan, Hargrave's academic dean, and post-graduate head basketball coach A.W. Hamilton.

Wiebking writes in "Hargrave's Best:"
"The subject is about a transcript that Dean Sullivan is reviewing. The caller is most likely a parent. The student’s transcript is most likely a mess.

Dean Sullivan is the go-to guy on campus for all things NCAA related. While Hargrave is a secondary school and not a member of the NCAA, it is one of our primary jobs to ensure that our students are qualified for higher education, which certainly includes the NCAA.

Most likely, Coach Hamilton is recruiting a young man on the other end of the phone, but he knows recruiting a student is pointless if that student’s transcript is unsalvageable.

Parents and students are typically in a tough spot prior to talking with our Dean. Some are even desperate. For some schools it would be very easily to promise hope to a family that it can’t deliver, but that is not the Hargrave way. But if there is a way to help someone that will allow for a potential college acceptance without angering the NCAA, then there is a good bet that Dean Sullivan will find path. He is one of the best at that particular endeavor. He might even be the foremost expert on it outside the NCAA. We are also 100% candid with parents, students and coaches about what we can–and cannot accomplish–we don’t promise what we can’t deliver."
Success isn't always assured, but this kind of due diligence and honesty about a student's past and what the student must do to succeed while at Hargrave evinces the seriousness of the endeavor.

We [Hargrave] will do everything to make sure that you can succeed- provided you [the student] uphold your responsibilities in the equation.