Another Story of a Boarding School Bound Student Raising Money to Cover Expenses

This is our second recent post about a driven student raising money for the move to boarding school in the fall.

Hilton Head Island student Caitlyn Campbell is working to raise money to help meet her out of pocket boarding school expenses for the coming year at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School (Rabun Gap, GA).

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

A view of Rabun Gap Nacoochee School

Her story was recently covered by Beaufort Gazette reporter Rachel Heaton in a piece titled “Hilton Head teen raising money to fund boarding school dream.”

Campbell and her family were awarded a financial aid package. But beyond tuition, room and board Campbell faces all the ancillary but necessary expenses- books, uniforms, school supplies and weekend trips.

Some excerpts from Heaton’s article:

” ‘I committed to tuition,’ I told Caitlyn,” mom Nikki Campbell Sandmaier said. “And she said, ‘We’ve got to come with some way to make money.’

So she has mailed flyers asking for donations and offered to baby-sit, do office work and clean homes.

Campbell also has turned to the Internet. She’s put up a “crowd sourcing” campaign on Indiegogo. The website allows users to make pitches for their causes and give small tokens of thanks to their donors. Campbell is promising handwritten notes and personalized receipts…

…Campbell’s convinced Rabun Gap is the school for her. She’s been attending Hilton Head Island public schools since kindergarten but says she wants the smaller classes and more tight-knit environment she saw when she visited the school of 350 students.

‘I think it will be better,’ she said. ‘It’s not nearly as big, and I noticed that everyone knows each other, no matter what grade they’re in. Everyone gets along. It’s not like regular high school where there are major cliques.’

And Sandmaier said the smaller environment will be an immense help to her daughter, who was born hearing-impaired and has struggled to fit in.

Because of her hearing impairment, Campbell sometimes has difficulty detecting tones in someone’s voice, so it’s hard for her to tell when someone is joking, her mom said. And because Campbell relies a lot on lip-reading, if friends or classmates turn their heads, Campbell misses the conversation.

Campbell also said she’s been teased by her peers who point out her hearing aids or ask her about her hearing impairment, and she doesn’t always like answering.

Smaller classrooms at Rabun Gap mean less student chatter for Campbell to hear through, and the tight-knit environment will help her socially, Sandmaier said.”(IP)

Out of curiosity, a question for our boarding school admission friends, are you seeing similar stories emerge from your admitted classes?

We’d love to hear – let us know, leave a comment below.

Photo credit: the@w00d via Creative Commons

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