Tour D’Admission In It’s Eleventh Year

Tour d'admissionWhat’s the Tour D’Admission you ask?

The Tour D’Admission is an annual bike tour of colleges undertaken by high school guidance counselors and educational consultants.

Each year, the group picks a region of colleges and universities to visit- traveling and touring by bike.

Talk about a nifty way to visit schools, but, also not for the out of shape or faint of heart. See some country, work hard, breathe hard, and take in a variety of campuses and college feels.

The Tour D’Admission got a bit of coverage in 2009 and 2010 in The New York Times’ “The Choice” Blog and in 2010 participants sent dispatches from the road.

Valpariso was a stop on this year’s tour. Here’s how the The Times of Northwest Indiana describes it.

“What started in 2002 as two riders traveling from Buffalo, N.Y., to New York City, by way of Vermont and Massachusetts, has grown steadily during the past 10 years. This year nearly 20 riders will be joining.

By agreeing on different regions to visit, the group has ridden through California, the mid-Atlantic, the East Coast and several other locations. At the end of each trip, the team brainstorms a location for the next year. As such, Lake Michigan was chosen for this year’s destination.

As part of the Lake Michigan tour, the team will meet in Chicago and travel through Wisconsin and Michigan, visiting several universities and eventually making its way to Indiana. To cover their geographic itinerary in a week, riders may bike as many as 60 miles between visits. For the counselors, visiting these institutions is a professional requirement. However, doing it on a bicycle adds excitement, fun and exercise.

According to the trip’s co-leader, Bruce Hunter, the tour is not for the faint of heart.

“It’s a self-supported trip … and that scares a lot of people,” he said.

Attendees are responsible for carrying their own luggage and biking entire routes. There is no support vehicle following them.

Traveling by bike also alleviates some planning a university would do in recruiting counselors for a national tour to campus.”(TNWI)

A few quick boarding school connections from the NYT copy:

  • Lauren Cunniffe, Stoneleigh-Burnham, director of college counseling, participated in the 2009 ride.
  • Kirk Blackard, director of college guidance at Christ School of Asheville, N.C

Photo credit: wfbakker2 via Creative Commons

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