A Guided Tour of Ridley College

| March 02, 2012


Ridley College (a coed boarding school in St. Catharines, Ontario) student Jackie takes viewers on tour of the Ridley campus introducing the campus and programs. Jackie appreciates the concurrent family and international perspectives that she finds at Ridley.

Ridley academics feature an engaged approach with lots of hands-on learning, seminars, and exploration. Ridley students enjoy a high degree of comfort with the faculty and the faculty encourages Ridley students to search for meaning, ask questions.

Ridley athletics feature competitive opportunities in hockey, basketball soccer, cross country, track and field, squash, volleyball, and crew. Recreational athletic offerings include traditional sports as well as yoga, Zumba, and training options.

For Jackie the Ridley difference is "in everything...they [Ridley] try to make you push your own limits and do your best in everything..."

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