December at a Boarding School

December at a Boarding SchoolOkay, September seems like 3 minutes ago, not 3 months.  This being said, it is now hard to differentiate between the students that started in the fall and those that have been here for a year or longer.  At our school (, it appears to be a seamless transition and it seems like all of a sudden, everyone knows each other and deep relationships have been made.

That is what is so interesting about boarding schools like ours; powerful, lifelong friendships are forged quickly and within a short period of time, young people find themselves surrounded by positive peers with similar aspirations.  The bonds that tie them are already strong and it is only December!

As the students look forward to the end of term and to getting back to some quality time with their families, it is often with some reservation, as they will also miss the day-to-day contact with their new boarding school friends.

At Brentwood College School, the boarding houses will end their term with special house Christmas dinners and the exchanging of ‘Secret Santa’ presents.  They will then return to their families filled with stories of new relationships, new experiences and new opportunities.  It is at these times when parents fully realize the richness of the boarding school experience and the very special gift that they have given their children.

Photo credit: Falling Sky via Creative Commons

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