A Guided Tour of Berkshire School

Three Berkshire School students are asked:

“Are you going to miss it [your Berkshire experiences upon graduation]?

Three Berkshire School students all answered, “yes.”

In this tour of Berkshire School‘s campus (Sheffield, Massachusetts), thee BA students (two seniors, 1 PG) speak about the boarding school advantages of an engaged and supportive faculty. Chris (PG) appreciates being pushed through the personal nature of the small classes. And in a similar vein, Barrett (day student) speaks about the connection between interested teachers and intense academics.

Hockey and Basketball provide competitive athletic experiences at Berkshire with all varsity teams in these two sports regularly at the top of the standings. Students interested in learning a sport or trying something new have a range of offerings from recreational to varsity in many sports.

Berkshire students attend class six days a week with Saturday nights and Sundays offering on campus social and residential activities and off campus trips.

When asked why Berkshire has been a great place for each of them each offered a personal take.

Chris said: “it [Berkshire] really pushed me to succeed.” Barrett appreciates the sense of purpose and community motivation. Lucy appreciates the close-knit community.

That’s boarding school.

Additional resources:

Berkshire School – www.berkshireschool.org

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