Chinese-American Student Exchange: It’s a mutual two way highway across the Pacific

Chinese-American Student ExchangeWe hear much about Chinese students looking to America for education options ranging from boarding school to college.

An interesting short article in the Marin Independent Journal last week shows the pan pacific cross cultural and cross educational interest is a two way process.

In “Marin Voice: Marin schools can lead the trend toward Asia,” San Domenco School head David Behrs makes a quick case that American students, families, and schools are shifting their world view toward Asia- away from Europe.

Asia is seen as the future and San Domenico reflects this shift by not only hosting Chinese students but, also, by planing to send its students and faculty to China for an immersion experience.

“…the school has recently partnered with the Jiaxiang School in Chengdu, China, planning to host exchange students, plus trade teachers across the Pacific.

The potential to expose Marin teachers to a year of China-style education, where schools enroll thousands, and classes are 50-plus, while showing their teachers the benefits of small class sizes and outdoor laboratories, is incredible…

Marin’s students have a global sense, thanks largely to our residents — their parents — who are interested in the world around them, and help their children to establish efforts to send soccer cleats to Latin America, or to travel to Bosnia to teach summer school to Muslim and Christian children in the same classroom.”(MIJ)

Photo credit: Toby Simkin via Creative Commons

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