A Guided Tour of Delphian School

| June 21, 2011


Delphian School (Sheridan, OR) rising senior Alison '12 shares the insights, and high notes, of her school experience.

Throughout Delphian's programs students are taught to practice independence and use good judgement.

Delphian programs teach independence, and personal responsibility through self direction. Academics and college counseling feature studentdirected pursuits shaped and guided by adults. Students work through developed programs with 'check-sheets' moving on to more difficult material after demonstrating mastery.

Adults guide and support students in their growth but students take much responsibility for their work and direction.

Afternoons at Delphian feature a combination of athletics and arts ranging from choir, to art, to wood shop, to athletics. Choir is a popular, strong program providing a special point of pride. The choir has competed with great success at the state level for 16 consecutive years.