Baylor’s Summer Camp Checklist

Going to summer camp for the first time can be a big transition for you and your children. Although summer camps are associated with fun and adventure, it’s important to remember that a child who is going to summer camp for the first time may experience some apprehension and anxiety. Therefore, it’s important to give some thought toward preparing yourself and your child for the pending separation.
1. Budget wisely. How much can you spend on summer camp? Take into consideration how far the camp is from your home- this might incur additional costs. Deciding whether you want your child to participate in a longer or shorter camp experience will also affect your budget. Making sure all your finances are in order will help eliminate stress, and will help you save for clothes, or other items that your child will need while they are at camp. Also, many camps offer financial aid and scholarships.

2. Choose a camp. Involving your child in the camp selection process is important. This will help your child take ownership in the decision-making process, and they will be more likely to have a satisfying camp experience. For example, at Baylor we offer day and boarding camps. A child who is ready for more independence may love our boarding camps, while a child who is younger will benefit from a day camp. Finding the right match will ensure the best possible outcome.

3. Pack accordingly. We provide detailed packing lists on our website and are more than happy to discuss any special sports equipment or other essential items that your child may need to bring. You should label all of your child’s clothes and belongings, because it’s easy to lose, misplace, or switch things accidentally with other campers.

4. Communicate with the counselors: At Baylor, we understand the uncertainty associated with first time campers, and we strive to provide an atmosphere that’s safe and reassuring for both campers and parents. We encourage communication and welcome feedback from you and all of our participants. It is important to share information about your child so the counselors can do their best to help him/her have a successful camp experience. Let them know if there are special circumstances or considerations regarding your child’s well-being or behavior.

5. Go over the camp schedule. By going over the daily camp schedule with your child, you will eliminate any unwanted surprises and potential problems. Baylor is committed to providing a specialized, fun-filled experience for your child and will help in whatever ways we can to make them feel comfortable in their “home away from home.”

Regardless of what type of camp your child will be attending, a new experience can be challenging for anyone, so creating a relaxed and comforting feeling regarding summer camp will help your child manage the new experience. Our counselors and staff are always available to help, and we look forward to getting to know your child better.

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