Private Education: Can you afford not to?

| January 28, 2011

Many people, with good reason, claim that a private/independent school education is too expensive.  However, many more are realizing that they can’t afford to keep their children in their local public school.  As sad as it sounds, children across North America are being let down by the public system and, without a quality high school education, futures are being jeopardized.  These people are realizing that, as ironic as it sounds, they can’t afford to keep their children in the public system.

An example of a crumbling public system would be when this past September I accepted a boy as a senior into our school (Brentwood College School).  He loved his local high school.  He was a star on their basketball team and a member of the student council.  He was excited about his last year in his school and pursuing his ultimate goal of heading off to medicine.  The problem was, budget cuts forced his local high school to cancel the 12th grade Biology class.  He was desperate.  Without it, he could not think of medicine as a post-secondary option.  This is unfortunately a common theme: local secondary schools dropping programs, eliminating opportunities, sabotaging futures.  It is a sad state of affairs for our youth and one of the reasons schools like ours are in high demand.

With proper budgeting, scholarships and financial aid, affording an independent education may not be out of your reach.  You might be surprised at some of the creative financing options schools can create for families.  In many ways, can you afford not to consider it?