Visiting a Specialized Boarding School

Glenhome SchoolThe Glenholme School is a 12-month, special education boarding school for 105 students with exceptional learning needs in a beautiful countryside setting in Connecticut. Students range in ages from 10 to 18; all need a highly structured learning environment. The school’s goal is to prepare and equip each student with skills and strategies that move them toward independence.

Students who are not doing well in a traditional public or private school can find success at Glenholme. Glenholme’s highly structured program program works well with students who have academic and social difficulties relative to Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, OCD, Tourettes Syndrome, or mild to moderate behavioral deficits.

Glenholme uses the Therapeutic Milieu approach in addressing behaviors. Glenholme’s Motivational Management Approach (GMMA) is the School’s cornerstone. The goal of milieu therapy is to engage children in the learning process and to replace problematic and ineffective behaviors with new skills. It is specifically designed to assist children in acquiring social skills, effective study habits, positive self-care and an active lifestyle through recreation. Daily living skills, social participation and intellectual pursuits are all part of the “home life” experience at Glenholme. Behavior analysts monitor the progress of each child.

Students have a wide range of curriculum offerings: language arts, reading, English, math, social studies, science, life skills, vocational educational experiences, integrated computer technology, world languages, art, drama and music. Recreationally, Glenholme offers an equestrian program, recreational sports, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, swimming, volleyball, cheerleading, tennis, hiking, archery, archaeology, cross-country skiing, camping, fishing, bicycling and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Wow!

The Glenholme community (students, faculty and family) discover new ideas every day and apply them to tomorrow.

Marylou Marcus

Marylou Marcus draws on 25+ years as an independent school educator & Director of Admission & Financial Aid when working with a family to find the best private school fit for their child. Contact Marylou for help in your search for the right prep school or visit to learn more about her work with families.

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