An Educational Consultant’s Notes on The Forman School

| December 07, 2010

The moment I stepped on The Forman School's campus, I was impressed with the students, faculty and Head of School, Adam Man.

The high expectations for all students were evident everywhere. Forman is coeducational boarding and day school (172 students) for a clearly defined population- students with dyslexia and issues around executive functioning and ADD/ADHD. They do not offer programs for students with Autism, Aspergers or students with behavioral or emotional difficulties.

With students who learn differently, Forman teaches differently.

Forman uses a variety of learning approaches: intensive one-on-one work to improve areas of weakness, small group cooperative learning settings (boat building), round-table discussions, and hands-on experiential education. They truly focus on skill development that will take their students to college and beyond. The community exudes a great feeling of excitement and camaraderie among faculty and students!

I especially liked their Module A1, B1, A2, B2 (75 minute classes) academic schedule. For three weeks, students take four classes only. Then, they move onto four different classes for three weeks.

Winterim is another new program in which all faculty and students participate. Winterim, (between Thanksgiving and Christmas break) is a rewarding 20-day exploration of subjects and ideas not usually taught in a traditional classroom setting.

Residential life has been greatly improved and integrated into the school. Please check out their website to learn more about Forman at: