5 Reasons why Americans Choose to Board in Canada

Many Americans wonder why they would seek to attend a Canadian boarding school?  I just wrote about this over on my own blog (Why do American Students Choose Brentwood College School?) by conveying experiences specific to my school (Brentwood College School), but here are some generic reasons why families may choose a boarding school in Canada:

  1. Safe Environment.  Not only is Canada considered safe and orderly, it is characterized by its friendliness and willingness to help others. We have a welcoming environment where different perspectives are respected and learning together is encouraged.  Canada, particularly British Columbia, is recognized internationally as one of the best places in the world to live and to study (United Nations Development Programme, 2010).
  2. International Experience. American applicants to US colleges automatically ‘stand out from the crowd’ due to their international experience.  It is an international experience but very close the USA.  Most schools are right near the American border.
  3. AP/ IB Options.  The transition from an American school to a Canadian one is usually easy as the curricula match fairly well.  If you are seeking either Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate options, there are many quality choices.
  4. SAT.  Americans may also be interested in knowing that increasingly US colleges and universities will waive the SAT exam for international students.  Americans can be considered ‘international’ while studying in Canada.
  5. Perspective. Americans studying in Canada love being able to view their country objectively.  They are able to examine American news, American History and American culture itself through a different lens.  This perspective is seen as ‘value added’ for Americans studying in a foreign country like Canada.

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  • peterdbaron

    #4 caught my eye – I had no idea that US universities are increasingly classifying American students as international if they're studying in Canada. Is this a relatively new consideration?

    I imagine it must be a compelling reason for US students to strongly think about Canadian boarding schools.

    Thanks for sharing the post. Great info.

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