An Educational Consultant’s Notes on Linden Hill School

Linden Hill SchoolA junior boarding school for boys, ages 9-16 with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and executive functioning challenges, Linden Hill School (Northfield, MA) helps middle school age boys, of average to above average intelligence, with language learning differences, ADD and/or executive function issues to become increasingly successful, and independent in academic, social, and athletic environments.

Orton-Gillingham methodology serves as the cornerstone of the individualized, multi sensory approach for all students. The school features a diverse population with 16 states and 8 countries represented.

The school’s five core values- respect, responsibility, integrity, loyalty and community shape student life work as a common threads throughout the curriculum and school mission. Students wear coat and tie to class.

We celebrated a student’s birthday while at lunch with cake, lit candles and song for the birthday boy. As you can imagine, I saw energy, smiles and happy faces in this beautiful dining hall setting. Food was exceptional with a very healthy menu and many fabulous choices for all. The beautiful campus setting and personal experiences ensure that Linden Hill boys learn far more than just reading, writing and math.

Students learn respect, determination, and success through hard work and perseverance and find everything is possible with the support of faculty and staff at Linden Hill. Another great find for a specific learning difference for a middle school age boy!

Marylou Marcus

Marylou Marcus draws on 25+ years as an independent school educator & Director of Admission & Financial Aid when working with a family to find the best private school fit for their child. Contact Marylou for help in your search for the right prep school or visit to learn more about her work with families.

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