Catching up with my St. Paul’s School Student

St. Paul's School

Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul

At St. Paul’s School I visited with a student whom I helped with placement. A tenth grade boarder, he came from a junior boarding school.

With boarding school already under his belt, his transition has been smooth both academically and socially. He arrived at SPS with study skills and organizational skills all in place.

He enjoys being in a coeducational school and having more freedoms than a highly structured junior school. He loves his challenging classes and great faculty.

He has only been home once because he thoroughly enjoys staying on campus and participating in all the activities. With his free time he spends a lot working out in there fitness center which is very important to him.

All in all a great transition from junior to secondary boarding school for him.

Oh, and, I can’t forget that he said the food was great.

A new science building is under construction and will open in Fall 2011. I saw happy, healthy students running to classes.

Photo credit: SPS Pressroom

  • Glad you mentioned study skills and organizational skills. Good work habits, time management and organizational skills are so important for achievement and college readiness. For students who do not yet have skills in place here's a hint: being an organized student takes more than using a planner! It takes a comprehensive set of skills and practices. Good work habits, time management and organizational skills can improve performance across all areas of the curriculum — through college and beyond.

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