5 Reasons for Attending Boarding School

| October 19, 2010

Boarding schools offer educational and personal growth opportunities that most public schools simply can’t match.  From academic and athletic scholarships to developing friendships that last a lifetime, boarding schools provide an avenue for enrichment.

Below are 5 reasons why parents should consider boarding school for their child.

5. Exceptional Resources

Boarding schools typically have resources that most public schools cannot match.  These include superb facilities such as media centers, dorms, and athletic venues just to name a few.  Other resources students can take advantage of are the people.  Teachers at boarding schools usually have a first degree in their subject and a high percentage (70%-80%) will also have a masters or terminal degree.  The hiring of teachers at boarding schools involves not only a thorough review of the prospective teacher, but references from previous teaching jobs and a desire and passion for their teaching subject.

4.  Class Size

Parents want the best education for their children and many times this comes down to individual attention.  Boarding school class sizes are generally 10-15 students.  A low student to teacher ratio is important because your child can get the individual attention needed that many public schools can’t give.

3.  Being Smart is in Style

Often times, boarding schools provide academic scholarships for students that excel in the classroom.  And because boarding schools are typically comprised of students that do well academically, it is more acceptable to be labeled “smart” than it is in a public school setting.  “Smart” kids in public schools are often labeled nerds and are open to ridicule.  This negative stereotype is avoided in a boarding school setting due to everyone’s desire to get the most out of their academic opportunities.

2.  Athletic Scholarship Opportunities

Because boarding schools have some of the best resources available, student-athletes have every opportunity and advantage to excel at their sport.  Top of the line facilities and experienced coaches are ingredients that often go into boosting a student’s athletic abilities.

1.  Personal Growth

Boarding schools provide an environment for students to develop while reaching their full potential.  The preparation they receive while at boarding school allows them to excel in life beyond their boarding school experience.