Five Common Boarding School Myths

There are many boarding school myths, but Baylor addresses the top 5 myths you may have heard when it comes to boarding school.

| September 17, 2010

If you are considering a boarding school for your child you may encounter some of the myths and misperceptions that have developed over the years.

One of the best ways to overcome these myths is to familiarize yourself with the boarding school culture through research and campus visits where you can see firsthand how students thrive in a boarding school environment.

If possible, you should also ask alumni of the boarding schools that you are considering about their personal boarding school experiences.
1. Boarding Schools are Not Affordable
There is no question that boarding school is a significant investment.  However, financial aid can significantly reduce the out of pocket amount expected from parents.  Many schools also offer a variety of scholarships.   Talk to your admission officers about various loan and scholarship options, as well as tuition payment plans.  Also, keep in mind that the investment made to send your child to a top boarding school could potentially save you money when you are facing college tuition.  Independent boarding schools provide outstanding opportunities that may enhance your child's chances to earn college scholarships.
2. Boarding Schools Attract Troubled Kids
The Hollywood portrayal of boarding schoolsas places for troubled teens could not be further form the truth. The fact is that many students want the experience of attending a boarding school because they are seeking challenging academic experiences and a variety of extra curricular opportunities.  Some of the country's best athletic, fine arts, and academic facilities can be found at boarding schools, and because of this, boarding schools typically attract the best and the brightest students to their campuses.
3. Boarding Schools are Just for Rich Kids
Hollywood and the media often portray boarding schools as havens for spoiled rich kids.  However, recent research proves that contemporary boarding schools serve a diverse body of

motivated and well-rounded students from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.
4. Boarding Kids Don’t have Fun
Beyond a student’s class schedule boarding students have wonderful opportunities to enjoy their "home away from home."  The 24-7 boarding school community gives students the freedom to make friends from all over the U.S. or other countries, experience new places, and engage in opportunities that are typically not available at public schools.
5. Boarding Schools Don’t Provide Athletic Opportunities
Some people have the impression that boarding schools offer nothing more than a rigorous academic experience.  However, some of the top athletic programs in the country are found at boarding schools and many top college athletes are boarding school graduates.  In addition to increased opportunities for collegiate sports scholarships, many students attend boarding school to be part of a top athletic program with excellent facilities and coaches.