International Baccaulaureate Curriculum Augments Traditional UK A-Level Exams

International Baccaulaureate Curriculum Augments Traditional UK A-Level ExamsSaw this tidbit in an article in The Independent (UK) (Independent Schools Are Wise to Look Overseas):

“European families have been attracted by private schools offering the International Baccalaureate in addition to A-levels.”

While UK secondary schools and their graduates will continue to be measured by student success on A Levels (proficiency tests for university admission), it’s interesting to see that, in a few cases, the IB is finding a place alongside the traditional exams.

The IB gives the schools an internationally recognized curriculum and approach that, if not known to prospective families, is certainly appealing on explanation and it gives international students in UK schools offering the IB a credential that they can carry with them to colleges and universities abroad.

It’s fascinating to see the IB’s philosophies, perspectives and requirements become a recognized cross-border and cross cultural standard.

It belies a couple things- one the competitive nature of international eduction and economies and, two, just how interconnected the world has become.

It looks like UK boarding schools have begun to recognize (as US boarding schools did a couple of decades ago) that their education offers value and opportunity to students worldwide.

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Brian Fisher

A product of both private and public education, Brian Fisher served as a teacher, coach, dorm parent, and administrator at three different boarding schools. Brian also fills the role of Director of Development at Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School, in NH along with being a partner at AdmissionsQuest.

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