Loomis Chaffee Moves $3.3 million Closer to Fulfillment of $10 million Financial Aid Initiative

| April 13, 2010

Yesterday Loomis Chaffee School announced a $3.3 million anonymous financial aid gift.

The gift completes one-third of a $10 million push to increase financial aid and ensure that "a Loomis Chaffee education remains accessible to academically talented students from around the world, regardless of their family’s ability to pay tuition. " ($3.3 Million Financial Aid Gift to Lead $10 million Effort for Financial Aid, Loomis Chaffee)

Founded as a tuition-free school, Loomis has a long history and commitment to accessibility and affordability.

Loomis Head Sheila Culbert tod the faculty:

“This gift is an extraordinary demonstration of the power of philanthropy to transform the lives of children. We are immensely grateful to this donor who has made it possible for us to compete for the very best students from a range of backgrounds, which will, in turn, make us a stronger and better school."(LCPR)

Photo Credit: Justin Z. '11, The Loomis Chaffee School