New Hampton School Earns International Baccalaureate Status

New Hampton School International Baccalaureate ProgramNew Hampton School announced this morning that it has become the first New England Boarding School to gain accreditation to award the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

Founded in 1968 the International Baccalaureate, requires a rigorous interconnected curriculum with high levels of student engagement. Students earning an IB diploma hold an internationally recognized level of achievement.

New Hampton School sees the IB curriculum providing and building an exceptionally strong base for the collegiate studies. Twelve New Hampton teachers are IB trained.

New Hampton Global Curriculum Coordinator Dan Love rhetorically asks, “In so many discussions about education and the need for reform, IB is answering the questions parents are asking—like ‘what best prepares my child for success in college?’”

New Hampton believes the IB program answers this question. The school sees the IB program stretching and pushing students, and faculty, beyond simply factual knowledge- toward process and analytically based learning.

Love explains:

“It (IB) has an extra focus on applying facts, learning habits of the mind to help you to work with the facts, and accessing in a special way…

… It becomes a gravitational focus for curriculum development…This is how we are going to structure our curriculum. It allows us to track a group of students through an extended period of time. We’re evaluating their successes not just on a one-year basis, but if we look at pre-IB classes, on a three and four-year basis.”  (New Hampton School, New Hampton School Authorized as International Baccalaureate Diploma School)

New Hampton IB students will take six IB required classes over  two-years. The six classes will be connected, overlain, and woven together by a core course titled, “Theory of Knowledge.”

“The IB validates the potential of our students to be competitive and productive citizens in an international arena… Additionally, IB diploma students will meet rigorous and comprehensive academic standards,” said New Hampton School Director of Studies Jennifer Berry.

Using technology New Hampton teachers and students will share and work with other IB schools and students world wide- making connections with peer IB schools and living the the IB’s international practice of global perspectives.

“Colleges respect the way students are asked to think in new integrative ways, utilizing the inquiry-based, interdisciplinary nature of IB courses…Colleges really want more students applying from the IB Diploma Program. This will put New Hampton School in a more competitive position in the college process” added New Hampton School Director of College Counseling Marty Elkins.

Photo credit: New Hampton School

Brian Fisher

A product of both private and public education, Brian Fisher served as a teacher, coach, dorm parent, and administrator at three different boarding schools. Brian also fills the role of Director of Development at Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School, in NH along with being a partner at AdmissionsQuest.

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