William M. Lowman Idyllwild President and Headmaster Announces Retirement

| February 24, 2010

We recently learned that William Lowman, Idyllwild Arts President/Headmaster and founding head of Idyllwild Arts Academy, a performing arts boarding school, will retire effective June 30, 2010 (correction: June 30, 2011).

Mr. Lowman assumed leadership of Idyllwild in 1985 as the school became independent from the University of Southern California. Idyllwild prospered and grew during his Lowman’s tenure.

All three of Idyllwild’s divisions are the among the leaders in their fields- Idyllwild Arts Academy, the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, The Idyllwild Arts Foundation. Idyllwild Arts Foundation programs reach an estimated 30,000 people annually. Mr. Lowman seems to be that great combination of educator and fundraiser.

On his retirement, Idyllwild Board Chair, Faith Raiguel said,

“Bill Lowman has been instrumental in Idyllwild Arts growth for 25 years. The organization has grown and thrived under his vision, limitless energy and dedication to educating artists of all ages. His belief in creating the first boarding high school for the arts on the West Coast has allowed Idyllwild Arts to continue its reputation as a cutting edge program.” (Idyllwild Arts Foundation Announces Retirement of Idyllwild Arts President William M. Lowman)