An Educational Consultant Visits Berkshire School

Berkshire SchoolA picture perfect day in the Berkshires. What else could you want?

Absolutely beautiful setting, Berkshire School‘s facilities are outstanding. Students look great in dress code; everyone’s happy. The campus is busy; you could hear the purposeful din in every classroom, common room, dining hall, playing field, and hockey rink (beautiful and newly built).

Every classroom uses a “smart board” and new this year is “Moodle-” a web based platform that supports each class- lecture notes, calendar, assignments, test dates, blog feature. Students access and exchange class information using the system.

Beyond the bricks and mortar I found that Berkshire uses its size well. The very engaged faulty knows their students. This intimate knowledge of their students enables the faculty to support a very diverse student body.

My tour guide exclaimed, “Berkshire is where a student can do well and that is cool!”

As a student, you can take up a new sport like ice hockey, have falling ankles, learn to be a better skater and be part of a team!

Another student explained- if school doesn’t have a particular activity that you like (this student likes to sing), you can find a teacher and a few kids and start an activity from the ground. She explained that she had started a girls’ acappella group that has grown to 40 members. She concluded proudly “we are GOOD!”

I met a young man who is into math and started an Investment Club. His first project is to bring the school snack bar to profitability for a good cause. The school run snack bar has never turned a profit. His ambition is to turn a profit and donate it to a favorite charity in Berkshire’s name.

These kids are doers and so positive. I loved it.

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Marylou Marcus

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