Cardigan Mountain School: Personalized Education through the Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Cardigan Mountain School

Update: For those interested in learning more about the program, checkout my podcast, Cardigan Mountain School Introduces PEAKS, with Cardigan’s Brian Beale, Associate Director of Admission, & Ryan Feeley, English Teacher & Summer Session Director.

During a visit to Cardigan Mountain School (an all-boys, junior boarding school in Canaan, NH),  I saw a school in the midst of implementing a new academic initiative. Personalized Education through the Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills  (PEAKS) will serve as a backbone for the school’s academic life. Old standbys like study/learning skills and language lab- fee based services at most schools- will be incorporated into PEAKs and become part of every student’s curriculum without extra fees. 

Focusing on study skills and teaching the different ways students learn, Cardigan expects PEAKS will provide each student with more control and insight into the ways that he learns- instilling an approach to learning that a student can use in any setting.  When entering or confronting a new environment, a student who’s learned through PEAKS will have an idea of how to identify what he needs to and strategies that he might employ to work through the material. 

The program will be both highly accessible and supportive. Not only will students take formal PEAKS classes during the school day, they’ll have opportunities throughout the afternoon & evening study hours for additional group sessions and one-on-one tutoring. 

At the end of their Cardigan experience, each and every graduate should prove well prepared to succeed carrying the abilities of self-recognition and self-sufficiency into their chosen secondary schools. You can read a brief description of the school’s program below:

“Guided self-development is the cornerstone of the class, and its focus lies in helping each student, no matter his skill level, become a better learner and self advocate. In this course, students will be introduced to different types of learning styles and a variety of study skills. After identifying their own learning style(s), students will explore and practice effective study strategies for each type of learner. Upon completion of the course, students should be fully cognizant of what type of learner they are, be able to describe their learning style, and be able to both explain and execute relevant strategies that will be effective in their future educational pursuits.”

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