Admission Season Keeps on Rolling

| April 30, 2008

Admission deadlines have largely passed and while a select number of boarding schools are done for the season, many are shifting to rolling admission to fill their remaining spaces for next year.

Gaining acceptance during this second phase of the admission season is even more competitive since there are fewer spots available, but there are options.

It's important to be mindful of the condensed process and go into it prepared to respond quickly to a school's admission requirements.

Brian wrote an article a few years back that tackles applying on short notice. In it he details what to keep in mind as you work through the process. If at all possible, he suggests working with an educational consultant. While professional consultants aren't inexpensive, they can be a tremendous asset when time is of the essence by helping a family with all phases their admission search.

Whether working independently or with a consultant, Brian offered a number of tips to think about as your navigate the admission maze. Among his many points are:

1. Have your critical student information ready before you begin your search.
Collect your grades, test scores, report cards so you can avoid worrying about organizing the info when you're ready to apply to your schools of interest.

2. Build a student profile by asking the following kinds of questions:
In what type of school might you (the student) have the greatest chance of success?

What types of schools and activities are of interest?

3. Contact schools that look like good fits.
Ask the admission officers about "school fits" and what their opinions are given your academic and personal profiles.

Can the office make any school suggestions if they're full or aren't the right match?

4. Schedule campus visits and interviews.
Even though the time-line is shortened, it's important to spend time on campus so you can get a sense of how you might respond to the school's culture.

Check out the article to read more of his suggestions for applying to a boarding on short notice and, of course, good luck with your search.
Photo credit: / CC BY 2.0