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Lowell Whiteman Becomes Steamboat Mountain School

What’s in a name change? Schools build identities over decades and these identities are often rooted in founders’ philosophies and missions. When Lowell Whiteman School changed its name, and identity to Steamboat Mountain School, we knew there was a good story; we spoke with Pearson Alspach, Steamboat Mountain’s admission director to ask, ‘why the name […]

Six Important Life Lessons Boarding Schools Teach

New York Time columnist David Brooks struck readers’ collective nerves this past Sunday with a piece titled “The Moral Bucket List.” He reflects on people he sees, who selflessly contribute to their communities and others. I bring Brooks into this space because good boarding school communities teach so much of what he sees that creates […]

Darlington School Freshman Class Hosts Special Olympics On Campus

Darlington School’s freshman class hosted the Floyd County Special Olympics for about 265 Special Olympians on the school’s campus.

Making Your Final Boarding School Decision 2015

Many readers have been weighing their boarding school acceptances for the past few weeks. Which boarding school will be best for me? Which boarding school best fits our student? This post helps you to answer these questions.

Riverside Military Academy Cadets participate in NASCAR Folds of Honor Ceremonies

Riverside Military Academy Drill Team and Color Guard Cadets folded and presented the United States Flag as part the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup races at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 1.

A Boarding School Basketball Dynasty! Brewster Academy Wins Fourth National Prep Championship in Six Years

Boston Magazine’s Adam Doster calls Brewster Academy’s Prep basketball team The Greatest Game You’ve Never Seen. The Truth is though that Brewster has played great boys basketball for years, but the past fifteen years under coach Jason Smith have been something.

Hargrave Alumnus M SGT Thomas Saunders Dies in Training Accident

The death of Hargrave alumnus Master Sergeant Thomas Saunders of the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) brings me to this post and something we don’t often talk, or hear about — the boarding boarding school alumni who go on to serve in the armed forces and those who perish while serving. […]

2015 Boarding School Acceptance Videos! Students & Faculty Welcome New Students to Their Communities

Updated: 3/13/2015 In what’s becoming an annual event, we’ll gather and post school welcome videos as we find them and as readers send them to us. Send yours if you’ve got one. March 10th was the traditional admission calendar acceptance notification date; here are some of boarding school acceptance videos: Chatham Hall School Chatham Hall Because… […]

$500,000 to Hargrave Military from the Jennie Noell Wilmarth Estate

The Jennie Noell Wilmarth Estate donated $500,000 to Hargrave Military Academy on February 12, 2015. Two of Wilmarth’s grandsons are Hargrave alumni LT Oliver M. Salman ‘09 and Randall B. Orwick ‘06. Ms. Wilmarth’s daughter, Mrs. Fran Salman — mother of LT Oliver M. Salman — presented the gift. “Hargrave extends its most sincere and […]

2015 NEPSAC Winter Athletic Tournament Results

The great NEPSAC and NEISWA winter prep school sports tournaments concluded this past weekend…You gotta love the way winter sports lend themselves to tight tournament action! Once again, both sanctioning bodies New England Preparatory Schools Athletic Council (NEPSAC) and and New England Independent School Wrestling Association (NEISWA) did great jobs of keeping the brackets up […]

Boys Schools and Girls Schools Can Be Great Choices

This past weekend’s New York Times Sunday Dialogue took on the question of single gender education in piece titled How to Educate Boys. I recommend the full discussion if you haven’t read it. Rather than recount/summarize the arguments, I’ll stick with a response to it. I do include some highlights from The NYT below my […]

What Independent Schools Can Learn From The Teenage Brain

In boarding schools, one of the things on which we pride ourselves is the guidance of involved adults who help students form healthy, lasting habits and, we hope, make sound, healthy choices. We don’t live in fantasy land. We know that, no matter how hard we try, our students will not always make the best, […]

The Boarding School Community: Its Power Is Real

We talk about community and the power of community a lot in boarding schools; what community does well; why it’s healthy; how students learn an grow from being in a community. But, we don’t often take it a part and look at the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ behind the power of our school communities. Alumni, students, […]

How Private Schools and Families Connect: Modern Tools But Relationships Stay Fundamental

All of us on the boarding/private school side of the admissions equation ask year in and year out — how do we meet more families? How can we connect with and reach more families with students who might fit our school? These questions and the efforts of admission professionals are the lifeblood of our schools. […]

Parents, beware the mid-winter school blues

For many students, today is the official 100th day of school. Here at Aspen Country Day, our Lower Schoolers are doing show-and-tell with the collections they brought from home: 100 rose petals, 100 Legos, and even (clever!) 100 drops of water. After lunch, we’ll light 100 candles on a cake to celebrate this mini-landmark in […]

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