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The Science of Boys’ Education

As a boys school alumnus, I admire the work that Grand River Academy does to stay abreast of male adolescent development. The school’s constantly examining the best ways to teach and educate boys as they work through school during their school years. Grand River does an excellent job of making the case for boys school […]

Summer’s Coming to an End

We’re pleased to bring the boarding school blog back into regular publication for the 2015-2016 academic year.

2015 World Cup Soccer: Prep School Alumnae on the US Women’s National Team

The Women’s World Cup is in full swing and we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize the notable alumnae from the US Women’s National Team.

WWE Star John Cena Gives a Knockout Graduation Speech

I bet you didn’t know that John Cena is a boarding school alumnus…some of you might not even know who John Cena is. (I’ll let you Google him.) Suffice to say, he’s a Cushing Academy alumnus, accomplished star and, by my book, great philanthropist via his Make-A-Wish Foundation work. I recommend John’s commencement address. Why? […]

A Satirical Lens on the Never Ending Train of Standardized Testing

  The never ending train of standardized tests that has become the norm in public schools — versus real learning and personal growth —has become a topic that I’ve latched onto, and been hammering away at, for few months now. After reading Ben Carey’s “Real Learning,” Frances Jensen’s “The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide […]

Personal Interactions with Families: Still the Most Effective Marketing Tools

Personal interactions with families are a school’s most effective marketing tools.

Peter Gow Thinks About Education Reform

Education consultant, Peter Gow thinks critically about education reform.

Mount Hermon’s Famous Fire and Football Picture: A Life of It’s Own

The real story behind the infamous Mount Hermon fire and football photograph.

Revised SAT vs. Real Learning: Where Boarding Schools and Private Schools Excel

Revised SAT vs. criterion-referenced, mastery learning in boarding and private schools.

Looking for a Summer Program That Includes Academic Growth for Your Student? Consider a Summer Boarding School Experience

Find the benefits of camp and boarding school in a summer boarding school.

Does Your School Raise Money to Support Financial Aid?

Post financial crisis, and in the face of continuing tuition increases, does your school raise money to support financial aid? I’m interested in looking at this question with an article. In my younger days, when I worked exclusively on the school side of the admission and fundraising worlds, I asked our development and admission directors: […]

Lowell Whiteman Becomes Steamboat Mountain School

What’s in a name change? Schools build identities over decades and these identities are often rooted in founders’ philosophies and missions. When Lowell Whiteman School changed its name, and identity to Steamboat Mountain School, we knew there was a good story; we spoke with Pearson Alspach, Steamboat Mountain’s admission director to ask, ‘why the name […]

Six Important Life Lessons Boarding Schools Teach

New York Time columnist David Brooks struck readers’ collective nerves this past Sunday with a piece titled “The Moral Bucket List.” He reflects on people he sees, who selflessly contribute to their communities and others. I bring Brooks into this space because good boarding school communities teach so much of what he sees that creates […]

Darlington School Freshman Class Hosts Special Olympics On Campus

Darlington School’s freshman class hosted the Floyd County Special Olympics for about 265 Special Olympians on the school’s campus.

Making Your Final Boarding School Decision 2015

Many readers have been weighing their boarding school acceptances for the past few weeks. Which boarding school will be best for me? Which boarding school best fits our student? This post helps you to answer these questions.

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