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We hope that you find the boarding schools tuition list helpful. While considering school tuitions, keep in mind these important perspectives:

1. Schools do not adhere to standard format for reporting tuition and costs. Some schools report their tuition as all inclusive with no extra costs for activities. Some schools report a base tuition with additional fees. These fees vary widely from school to school; additionally, the can add as much as 10% to reported tuition costs. Our reported tuitions do not include all of the mandatory fees.

2. When considering affordability, look at the total amount of financial aid and the average size of each financial aid package the school awards. The total amount of financial aid presents a big picture of the school's financial aid commitment.

Then, consider the average size of the school's financial aid awards. Weigh this number against the tuition cost. The closer together these two numbers come the more affordable for the individual family. This is gives you the average tuition that a family awarded financial aid pays.

3. While we do our best to accurately gather and record boarding school tuition costs, our reported tuition numbers are for comparison purposes only. We collected our numbers from each school's web site and phone calls when needed. We do our best, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our data. You'll want to check each school's website for ultimate accuracy.

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    Student Body Grades Offered Amount
  Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School (Wolfeboro NH) Coed 5-12 $12,500.00
  New Mexico Military Institute (Roswell NM) Coed 9-12, PG $12,896.00
  St. Thomas Choir School (New York NY) Boys 3-8 $12,985.00
  Lyman Ward Military Academy (Camp Hill AL) Boys 6-12 $18,625.00
  Athol Murray College of Notre Dame (Wilcox SK) Coed 9-12 $19,000.00
  Camden Military Academy (Camden SC) Boys 7-12 $19,990.00
  Tallulah Falls School (Tallulah Falls GA) Coed 6-12 $20,500.00
  St. Stanislaus College (Bay St. Louis MS) Boys 7-12 $21,500.00
  Maur Hill-Mount Academy (Atchison KS) Coed 9-12 $21,750.00
  St. Bernard Preparatory School (Cullman AL) Coed 7-12 $21,870.00
  Houghton Academy (Houghton NY) Coed 6-12, PG $22,365.00
  Subiaco Academy (Subiaco AR) Boys 7-12 $23,000.00
  Academy of the Holy Family (Baltic CT) Girls 9-12 $23,000.00
  Carson Long Military Institute (New Bloomfld PA) Boys 6-12 $26,130.00
  Scattergood Friends School (West Branch IA) Coed 9-12 PG $26,536.00
  Oak Ridge Military Academy (Oak Ridge NC) Coed 7-12, PG $27,000.00
  San Marcos Baptist Academy (San Marcos TX) Coed 7-12 $27,595.00
  Lee Academy (Lee ME) Coed 9-12, PG $28,000.00
  Academy of the Sacred Heart (Grand Coteau LA) Girls $28,350.00
  Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson VA) Coed 8-12 $28,700.00
  Olney Friends School (Barnesville OH) Coed 9-12 $28,900.00
  Massanutten Military Academy (Woodstock VA) Coed 7-12, PG $29,100.00
  Linsly School (Wheeling WV) Coed 5-12 $29,320.00
  Missouri Military Academy (Mexico MO) Boys 6-12, PG $29,400.00
  Wentworth Military Academy (Lexington MO) Coed 9-12, PG $29,700.00
  Cotter Schools (Winona MN) Coed 7-12 $29,700.00
  Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham VA) Boys 7-12, PG $29,900.00
  American Hebrew Academy (Greensboro NC) Coed 9-12 $31,000.00
  Fork Union Military Academy (Fork Union VA) Boys 6-12, PG $31,050.00
  Randolph-Macon Academy (Front Royal VA) Coed 6-12, PG $31,052.00
  Mc Donogh School (Mc Donogh MD) Coed K-12 $31,420.00
  Balmoral Hall School (Winnipeg MB) Girls Nursery-12, PG $31,867.00
  Chaminade College Preparatory School (St. Louis MO) Boys 6-12 $31,880.00
  Riverside Military Academy (Gainesville GA) Boys 7-12 $32,200.00
  Saint John's Preparatory School (Collegeville MN) Coed 6-12, PG $32,354.00
  St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (Delafield WI) Boys 7-12 $32,500.00
  Montverde Academy (Montverde FL) Coed K-12, PG $32,500.00
  Washington Academy (East Machias ME) Coed 9-12, PG $32,650.00
  Florida Air Academy (Melbourne FL) Coed 6-12 $33,000.00
  Howe Military School (Howe IN) Coed 7-12 $33,000.00
  Lalumiere School (La Porte IN) Coed 8-12 $33,370.00
  Andrews Osborne Academy (Willoughby OH) Coed PK-12 $33,500.00
  St. John's-Ravenscourt School (Winnipeg MB) Coed K-12 $33,524.00
  Southwestern Academy (San Marino CA) Coed 6 - 12 PG $33,750.00
  The Brook Hill School (Bullard TX) Coed PK-12 $34,285.00
  Marine Military Academy (Harlingen TX) Boys 8-12 $34,400.00
  Shady Side Academy (Pittsburgh PA) Coed PK-12 $34,700.00
  Rabun Gap Nacoochee School (Rabun Gap GA) Coed 6-12 $34,700.00
  Monte Vista Christian School (Watsonville CA) Coed 6-12 $34,970.00
  Hoosac School (Hoosick NY) Coed $35,000.00
  Army and Navy Academy (Carlsbad CA) Boys 7-12 $35,400.00
  Oak Grove School (Ojai CA) Coed 1-12 $35,450.00
  New York Military Academy (Cornwall Hudson NY) Coed 8-12 $36,190.00
  Fenster School (Tucson AZ) Coed 9-Post Graduate $36,250.00
  Oak Creek Ranch School (West Sedona AZ) Coed 7-12 $36,500.00
  Indian Springs School (Indian Springs AL) Coed 8-12 $36,500.00
  Gilmour Academy (Gates Mills OH) Coed PK-12 $36,515.00
  Queen Margaret's School (Duncan BC) Coed PK-12 $36,790.00
  Miller School of Albemarle (Charlottesville VA) Coed 8-12, PG $36,980.00
  Lincoln Academy (Newcastle ME) Coed 9-12 $37,000.00
  The Harvey School (Katonah NY) Coed 6-12 $37,700.00
  Saint James School (Hagerstown MD) Coed 8-12 $37,800.00
  Cranbrook Schools (Bloomfield Hills MI) Coed PK-12 $37,900.00
  Buffalo Seminary (Buffalo NY) Girls 9-12 $37,950.00
  Academie Ste. Cecile International School (Windsor ON) Coed 4-12/IB $38,000.00
  Thomas Jefferson School (Saint Louis MO) Coed 7-12 $38,000.00
  Sedbergh School (Montebello QC) Coed 7-12 $38,035.00
  TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas (San Antonio TX) Coed 6-12 $38,225.00
  Grand River Academy (Austinburg OH) Boys 9-12, PG $38,600.00
  Delphian School (Sheridan OR) Coed K-12 $38,890.00
  Stuart Hall School (Staunton VA) Coed PK-12 $39,000.00
  Salem Academy (Winston Salem NC) Girls 9-12 $39,030.00
  Saint Marys School (Raleigh NC) Girls 9-12 $39,144.00
  Fieldstone Academy (Gunnison UT) Coed 9-12 $39,200.00
  Valley Forge Military Academy and College (Wayne PA) Boys $39,265.00
  Lowell Whiteman School (Steamboat Springs CO) Coed 9-12 $39,280.00
  McCallie School (Chattanooga TN) Boys 6-12 $39,285.00
  St. Stephen's Episcopal School (Austin TX) Coed 6-12 $39,440.00
  The Webb School (Bell Buckle TN) Coed 6-12, PG $39,600.00
  The Bolles School (Jacksonville FL) Coed K-12 $39,850.00
  Maine Central Institute (Pittsfield ME) Coed 9-12, PG $39,900.00
  Admiral Farragut Academy (St. Petersburg FL) Coed PK3-12 $39,950.00
  Christ School (Arden NC) Boys 8-12 $40,250.00
  Shattuck-St. Mary's School (Faribault MN) Coed 6-PG $40,450.00
  Fieldstone Junior Boarding School (Gunnison UT) Coed 4-8 $40,500.00
  Darlington School (Rome GA) Coed PK-12 $40,600.00
  Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy (La Canada CA) Girls 8-12 $40,700.00
  Trafalgar Castle School (Whitby ON) Girls 6-12, PG $40,750.00
  Stanstead College (Stanstead QC) Coed 7-12 $41,000.00
  Bishop's College School (Sherbrooke QC) Coed 7-12 $41,000.00
  Culver Academies (Culver IN) Coed 9-12 $41,000.00
  The Kiski School (Saltsburg PA) Boys 9-12, PG $41,000.00
  Phillips Andover Academy (Andover MA) Coed 9-12, PG $41,300.00
  St. Thomas More School (Oakdale CT) Boys 8-12, PG $41,400.00
  The Orme School (Mayer AZ) Coed 8-12, PG $41,400.00
  The Phelps School (Malvern PA) Boys 7-12, PG $41,500.00
  Blue Ridge School (St. George VA) Boys 9-12 $41,500.00
  The Stony Brook School (Stony Brook NY) Coed 7-12 $41,500.00
  St. George's School (Vancouver BC) Boys 1-12 $41,710.00
  Woodlands Academy Of The Sacred Heart (Lake Forest IL) Girls 8-12 $41,750.00
  Baylor School (Chattanooga TN) Coed 6-12 $41,926.00
  Marianapolis Preparatory School (Thompson CT) Coed 9-12, PG $41,928.00
  Linden Hall School (Lititz PA) Girls 5-12, PG $41,950.00
  Wyoming Seminary Upper School (Kingston PA) Coed preschool-12 $41,950.00
  Besant Hill School (Ojai CA) Coed 9-12 $41,990.00
  Rosseau Lake College (Rosseau ON) Coed 7-12, PG $42,000.00
  Brentwood College School (Mill Bay BC) Coed 9-12 $42,000.00
  Bridgton Academy (North Bridgton ME) Boys 12 - PG $42,000.00
  Chatham Hall (Chatham VA) Girls 9-12 $42,000.00
  Virginia Episcopal School (Lynchburg VA) Coed 8-12 $42,000.00
  St. Michaels University School (Victoria BC) Coed K-12 $42,310.00
  St. Andrew's-Sewanee School (Sewanee TN) Coed 6-12 $42,450.00
  Northwood School (Lake Placid NY) Coed 9-12, PG $42,500.00
  The Pennington School (Pennington NJ) Coed 6-12 $42,600.00
  Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter NH) Coed 9-12, PG $42,605.00
  St. Johnsbury Academy (St Johnsbury VT) Coed 9-12, PG $42,800.00
  Midland School (Los Olivos CA) Coed 9-12 $42,900.00
  Verde Valley School (Sedona AZ) Coed 9-12 $43,000.00
  Saint Andrew's School (Boca Raton FL) Coed JK-12 $43,000.00
  South Kent School (South Kent CT) Boys 9-12 & PG $43,000.00
  St. Margaret's School (Tappahannock VA) Girls 8-12 $43,200.00
  The Hockaday School (Dallas TX) Girls PK-12 $43,474.00
  Fryeburg Academy (Fryeburg ME) Coed 9-12, PG $43,600.00
  Emma Willard School (Troy NY) Girls 9-12 $43,650.00
  Westtown School (Westtown PA) Coed PK-12 $43,730.00
  Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills MD) Girls Preschool through Grade 12 $43,860.00
  Villanova Preparatory School (Ojai CA) Coed 9-12 $43,900.00
  Annie Wright Upper School (Tacoma WA) Girls Preschool-12 $44,000.00
  St. Anne's-Belfield School (Charlottesville VA) Coed PK-12 $44,000.00
  Hawaii Preparatory Academy (Kamuela HI) Coed K-PG $44,100.00
  St. Andrews School (Middletown DE) Coed 9-12 $44,250.00
  Lake Forest Academy (Lake Forest IL) Coed 8-12 $44,300.00
  Albert College (Belleville ON) Coed JK-12, PG $44,300.00
  Canterbury School (New Milford CT) Coed 9-12, PG $44,500.00
  Governor's Academy (Byfield MA) Coed 8-12 $44,550.00
  Santa Catalina School (Monterey CA) Girls 9-12 $44,600.00
  The Hotchkiss School (Lakeville CT) Coed 9-12, PG $44,650.00
  Wasatch Academy (Mt Pleasant UT) Coed 7-PG $44,700.00
  Christchurch School (Christchurch VA) Coed 9-12 $44,700.00
  St. Andrew's School (Barrington RI) Coed 3-12 $44,700.00
  The Knox School (Saint James NY) Coed 6-12 $44,750.00
  Foxcroft School (Middleburg VA) Girls 9-12 $44,900.00
  Trinity-Pawling School (Pawling NY) Boys 7-PG $45,000.00
  Squaw Valley Academy (Olympic Valley CA) Coed 9-12 $45,000.00
  St. George's School (Middletown RI) Coed 9-12 $45,000.00
  Peddie School (Hightstown NJ) Coed 9-12, PG $45,000.00
  St. Andrew's College (Aurora ON) Boys 6-12 $45,076.00
  Rumsey Hall School (Washington Depot CT) Coed K-9 $45,100.00
  St. Timothy's School (Stevenson MD) Girls 9-12, PG $45,200.00
  Episcopal High School (Alexandria VA) Coed 8-12 $45,300.00
  Cheshire Academy (Cheshire CT) Coed 8-12, PG $45,385.00
  Hampshire Country School (Rindge NH) Boys 3-10 $45,500.00
  Ojai Valley School (Ojai CA) Coed PK-12 $45,500.00
  Dunn School (Los Olivos CA) Coed 6-12 $45,500.00
  Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro NH) Coed 9-12, PG $45,540.00
  Asheville School (Asheville NC) Coed 9-12 $45,550.00
  Deerfield Academy (Deerfield MA) Coed 8-12 $45,575.00
  Grier School (Birmingham PA) Girls 6-12, PG $45,800.00
  Solebury School (New Hope PA) Coed 7-12 $45,850.00
  Cate School (Carpinteria CA) Coed 9-12 $45,900.00
  The Thacher School (Ojai CA) Coed 9-12 $45,900.00
  Kimball Union Academy (Meriden NH) Coed 9-12, PG $45,990.00
  Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School (Waltham MA) Coed 8-12 $46,000.00
  West Nottingham Academy (Colora MD) Coed 9-12, PG $46,100.00
  St. Paul's School (Concord NH) Coed 9-12 $46,175.00
  Oregon Episcopal School (Portland OR) Coed PK-12 $46,280.00
  American University Preparatory School (AUP) (Los Angeles CA) Coed 9-12 $46,325.00
  Ashbury College (Ottawa ON) Coed 4-12 $46,350.00
  Oldfields School (Sparks Glencoe MD) Girls 8-12, PG $46,500.00
  The Taft School (Watertown CT) Coed 9-12 $46,500.00
  Interlochen Arts Academy (Interlochen MI) Coed 9-12, PG $46,540.00
  Avon Old Farms School (Avon CT) Boys 9-12, PG $46,650.00
  Hackley School (Tarrytown NY) Coed K-12 $46,700.00
  The Storm King School (Cornwall-on-Hudson NY) Coed 8-12 $46,750.00
  Northfield Mount Hermon School (Mount Hermon MA) Coed 9-12, PG $46,900.00
  Mercersburg Academy (Mercersburg PA) Coed 9-12, PG $46,950.00
  Millbrook School (Millbrook NY) Coed 8-12 $46,950.00
  Proctor Academy (Andover NH) Coed 9-12, PG $46,950.00
  Trinity College School (Port Hope ON) Coed 5-12, PG $46,950.00
  Brandon Hall School (Atlanta GA) Coed 6-12, PG $47,000.00
  High Mowing School (Wilton NH) Coed 9-12 $47,000.00
  Worcester Academy (Worcester MA) Coed 6-12, PG $47,070.00
  Loomis-Chaffee School (Windsor CT) Coed 9-12 $47,100.00
  The MacDuffie School (Granby MA) Coed 6-12 $47,250.00
  Choate Rosemary Hall (Wallingford CT) Coed 9-12, PG $47,260.00
  Westminster School (Simsbury CT) Coed 9-12 $47,300.00
  Western Reserve Academy (Hudson OH) Coed 9-12 $47,300.00
  The Gunnery (Washington CT) Coed 9-PG $47,300.00
  Kent School (Kent CT) Coed 9-12 $47,400.00
  Holderness School (Plymouth NH) Coed 8-12 $47,500.00
  Buxton School (Williamstown MA) Coed 9-12 $47,500.00
  Pickering College (Newmarket ON) Coed JK-12 $47,550.00
  Brooks School (North Andover MA) Coed 9-12 $47,555.00
  Tilton School (Tilton NH) Coed 9-PG $47,600.00
  Cardigan Mountain School (Canaan NH) Boys 6-9 $47,700.00
  Perkiomen School (Pennsburg PA) Coed 6-12,PG $47,800.00
  The Bishop Strachan School (Toronto ON) Girls JK-12 $47,860.00
  Ridley College (St. Catharines ON) Coed JK-12, PG $47,900.00
  The Cambridge School Of Weston (Weston MA) Coed 8-12 $47,900.00
  The Williston Northampton School (Easthampton MA) Coed 7-12 $47,900.00
  Concord Academy (Concord MA) Coed 9-12 $48,050.00
  Bement School (Deerfield MA) Coed K-9 $48,075.00
  Havergal College (Toronto ON) Girls 9-12 $48,100.00
  Georgetown Preparatory School (N. Bethesda MD) Boys 8-12 $48,160.00
  Dublin School (Dublin NH) Coed 9-12 $48,200.00
  The Marvelwood School (Kent CT) Coed 9-12 $48,200.00
  The Athenian School (Danville CA) Coed 6-12 $48,250.00
  Bachman Academy (Mc Donald TN) Coed 6-12 $48,275.00
  Hyde School - Woodstock (Woodstock CT) Coed 9-12 & PG $48,500.00
  Woodberry Forest School (Woodberry Forest VA) Boys 9-12 $48,500.00
  The Hun School of Princeton (Princeton NJ) Coed 6-PG $48,500.00
  Miss Porter's School (Farmington CT) Girls 9-12 $48,575.00
  Fountain Valley School of Colorado (Colorado Springs CO) Coed 9-12 $48,600.00
  Pomfret School (Pomfret CT) Coed 9-12, PG $48,750.00
  The Putney School (Putney VT) Coed 9-12 $48,800.00
  The Lawrenceville School (Lawrenceville NJ) Coed 9-12, PG $48,800.00
  Westover School (Middlebury CT) Girls 9-12 $49,100.00
  The White Mountain School (Bethlehem NH) Coed 9-12, PG $49,200.00
  Maui Preparatory Academy (Lahaina HI) Coed Preschool through Grade 12 $49,250.00
  The Hill School (Pottstown PA) Coed 9 - 12, PG $49,400.00
  Tabor Academy (Marion MA) Coed 9-12 $49,400.00
  Blair Academy (Blairstown NJ) Coed 9-12, PG $49,500.00
  Colorado Rocky Mountain School (Carbondale CO) Coed 9-12 $49,500.00
  Indian Mountain School (Lakeville CT) Coed 5-9 $49,600.00
  Dana Hall School (Wellesley MA) Girls 6-12 $49,620.00
  Miss Hall's School (Pittsfield MA) Girls 9-12 and PG $49,850.00
  Purnell School (Pottersville NJ) Girls 9-12 $49,900.00
  Vermont Academy (Saxtons River VT) Coed 9-12 and PG $49,965.00
  Kents Hill School (Kents Hill ME) Coed 9-12, PG $50,000.00
  Walnut Hill School for the Arts (Natick MA) Coed 9-12 $50,360.00
  Lawrence Academy (Groton MA) Coed 9-12 $50,375.00
  Salisbury School (Salisbury CT) Boys 9-12, PG $50,690.00
  Sandy Spring Friends School (Sandy Spring MD) Coed PK-12 $50,700.00
  Portsmouth Abbey School (Portsmouth RI) Coed 9-12 $50,800.00
  St. Mark's School (Southborough MA) Coed 9-12 $50,975.00
  Wilbraham & Monson Academy (Wilbraham MA) Coed 6-PG $50,985.00
  Hyde School - Bath (Bath ME) Coed 9-12, PG $51,000.00
  San Domenico School (San Anselmo CA) Girls Pre-K-12 $51,000.00
  Rock Point School (Burlington VT) Coed 9-12 $51,000.00
  Branksome Hall (Toronto ON) Girls 8-UE $51,000.00
  Darrow School (New Lebanon NY) Coed 9-12 $51,200.00
  George School (Newtown PA) Coed 9-12 $51,250.00
  The Webb Schools (Claremont CA) Coed 9-12 $51,515.00
  New Hampton School (New Hampton NH) Coed 9-12, PG $51,700.00
  Eaglebrook School (Deerfield MA) Boys 6-9 $51,700.00
  The Leelanau School (Glen Arbor MI) Coed 8-12 $51,847.00
  Stoneleigh-Burnham School (Greenfield MA) Girls 7-12 $51,892.00
  Hillside School (Marlborough MA) Boys 5-9 $51,995.00
  Idyllwild Arts Academy (Idyllwild CA) Coed 9-12, PG $52,000.00
  Fessenden School (West Newton MA) Boys Pre K -9 $52,100.00
  Berkshire School (Sheffield MA) Coed 9-12, PG $52,150.00
  Suffield Academy (Suffield CT) Coed 9-12, PG $52,300.00
  Middlesex School (Concord MA) Coed 9-12 $52,300.00
  Ethel Walker School (Simsbury CT) Girls 6-12 $52,300.00
  Cushing Academy (Ashburnham MA) Coed 9-PG $52,350.00
  St. Albans School (Washington DC) Boys 4-12 $52,382.00
  Lakefield College School (Lakefield ON) Coed 9-12 $52,390.00
  The Masters School (Dobbs Ferry NY) Coed 5-12 $52,430.00
  The Madeira School (Mclean VA) Girls 9-12 $52,710.00
  The Gow School (South Wales NY) Boys 7-12 $53,375.00
  Appleby College (Oakville ON) Coed 7-12 $53,695.00
  Hebron Academy (Hebron ME) Coed 6-PG $53,900.00
  Woodside Priory School (Portola Valley CA) Coed 6-12 $53,925.00
  North Country School (Lake Placid NY) Coed 4-9 $54,100.00
  Fay School (Southborough MA) Coed Pre K - 9 $54,238.00
  Stevenson School (Pebble Beach CA) Coed PK-12 $54,600.00
  The Woodhall School (Bethlehem CT) Boys 9-12 $58,400.00
  Eagle Hill School (Hardwick MA) Coed 8-12 $59,839.00
  Kildonan School (Amenia NY) Coed 2-12, PG $61,900.00
  Brehm Preparatory School (Carbondale IL) Coed 6-12 $64,900.00
  The Greenwood School (Putney VT) Boys 6-12 $65,870.00
  Forman School (Litchfield CT) Coed 9-PG $66,100.00
  The Oliverian School (Haverill NH) Coed 9-12 $69,500.00
  Leysin American School in Switzerland (Leysin ) Coed 8-PG $74,900.00

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