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Jan 2, 2019

The Eldon and Anne Foote Athletic Centre: Open

Brentwood’s promise is to deliver the finest possible student experience and prepare our graduates to thrive in an increasingly complicated world. More than ever, our world needs Brentonians who are both well-rounded and well-grounded.

The Eldon and Anne Foote Athletic Centre: Open
Welcome to the Foote Athletic Centre

The Eldon and Anne Foote Athletic Centre

In response to the Edmonton Community Foundation’s generous grant from the Eldon and Anne Foote Fund, and Anne Foote’s leadership and commitment to sport and education, Brentwood is delighted to announce that this new facility will be named the Eldon and Anne Foote Athletic Centre.

Aligned with Brentwood’s 2013-23 Strategic Plan – Setting the Standard, the next phase in campus development addresses our athletic facilities. The demands of Brentwood’s sports program have now surpassed the capacity of our current sportsplex. Since 2000 the student population has increased from 400 to 537 (including Grade 8’s) which in itself puts pressure on the Woodward Sports Complex, but so too have the changing demands of our athletics program. With volleyball and basketball vying for court space for practice, games and hosting tournaments, and the necessity for all competitive athletes to be on strength and conditioning programs, a comprehensive Athletic Centre is a pressing reality. All of these programs will be housed in a brilliantly designed West Coast space that follows the aesthetic and sustainable commitment that is demonstrated across our campus.

The renderings, video and photos on the right provide insight into plans for the fully-integrated Foote Athletic Centre that includes two basketball courts / four volleyball courts, as well as squash courts, a strength and conditioning centre, a cardio/spin room, a climbing wall and four multi-purpose rooms to accommodate yoga, cross-training, dance, rowing ergs and a variety of other school needs.

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