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Private School Articles presents a chronological list of all AdmissionsQuest articles across all categories. Looking for entries from our blog? Visit our boarding school blog for a complete index of posts.

Is Private School Tax Deductible? Your Tuition Questions Answered

Woodberry Forrest School's Director of Financial Aid explores the tax implications of private school tuition and financial aid awards for a boarding school family.

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From Riverside Military Academy to West Point Admission

CPT Charles Cook talks about his journey from Riverside Military Academy student; to West Point; to the Air Force; to early retirement; then, back into active duty as member of the West Point Admission team.

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Private School Scholarship Programs

Researching private school scholarships? Check out our list of resources to help you in your search!

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7-day Boarding versus 5-day Boarding: What’s the Difference?

Trying to decide between 7-day & 5-day boarding schools? AQ breaks down the differences between the two to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

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Top Ten Ways to Test Drive a Boarding School!

Interested in a boarding school? The IECA has provided a helpful list of suggestions to consider while researching a boarding school.

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Boarding Schools in the South: A Broad Array of Opportunities & Perspectives

Boarding schools in the South offer many special opportunities and advantages to families considering boarding school.

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A Post Graduate Year; what's that?

Considering a post graduate year? AQ examines the history of the 'PG' year and why they're offered by prep schools.

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What does it mean for boarding school to be "accredited?"

Families ask this question all the time. After all, virtually every private/boarding school references its membership in its accrediting body. But, what does accreditation mean? This article answers the question.

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